Tara’s all grown up *sniff*

On Monday, I went to a showing of Amber Benson (aka Tara)’s new movie, Dust Up. Amber herself was there for a Q&A session, and my friends and I got to take pictures with her.

I have…mixed feelings about the movie.

On one hand, the acting was wonderful. Amber, Aaron Gaffey, and Devin Barry had great chemistry. They played refreshingly real, refreshingly real-looking, funny characters.

There were some wonderfully humorous moments–like when Amber’s character, Ella, is asking Aaron’s character, Jack, about how he lost his eye while in the Marines. He tells her it was an IED, and she says, “An in-your-eye device?” I also love the last line of the movie, which I won’t give away in case anyone plans to watch it.

And then there’s the adorable baby, who was played by the director’s daughter.

But I really, really wish that the characters had been in a different movie. Even if that movie had been Amber Benson Holds a Baby for 90 Minutes.

There was just way too much gratuitous violence. And not just run-of-the-mill violence, but some really disturbing stuff. I’ll save you the details, but you can Google it if you’re curious. I spent about half the movie peeking out from between my fingers, and I saw some things I really didn’t want to see.

I don’t understand how people enjoy movies like this. I really don’t.

I know this movie comes from a long line of grindhouse/exploitation films, and I don’t know if that makes it better or worse. I just can’t understand why anyone would put these kind of images in their brains for fun.

I want to wipe about 90% of the movie from my mind, and just remember the protagonists, who I kind of want to be my new best friends. It’s a weird movie like that.

Was it worth it to meet Amber Benson? I’m still not sure.

Meeting her was pretty awesome, though. She was really sweet and friendly, and called us “lovely ladies.”

I forgot to bring something for her to sign (even though I have an 8×10″ photo print of Willow and Tara at home! And another 8×10″ of Amber by herself, and a OMWF postcard with Tara, Anya, and Buffy…), so I had her sign a page from my Hello Kitty notepad.

One funny thing she revealed during the Q&A was that the director’s pit bull, who played a vicious attack dog in the movie, was actually super-friendly. They couldn’t get her to pretend to attack Travis Betz’ character, Herman, so they had to cut from a shot of her running up to a shot of Herman covered in blood.

There were also some funny moments when Amber and the moderator discussed how sticky the mic was.

And I found out that she’s written a series of young adult novels, which I want to check out soon.

Overall, it was…a very mixed night. I had to come home and watch Buffy, then My Little Pony, to get my brain back to normal.

2 thoughts on “Tara’s all grown up *sniff*

  1. I love Amber Benson tons because ❤ Tara ❤ so seriously squeeing that you got to meet her. Nothing constructive to add, just jealous! 😉

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