Friday Links, 10/12/12

Hedgehogs = cutest thing ever. Also, did you know that only one hedgehog has ever farted, and that’s how the universe began?

Buy anything from Kelsea’s Etsy shops through Oct 19th, and 100% of the revenue will be donated to the American Heart Association.
-A travel post involving a gorgeous pink cake and opulent decor.
-I don’t shop at Lululemon, because 1.) they don’t carry clothing above a size 12 and 2.) why pay $100 for yoga pants when you can get perfectly good ones for $30 at Target? But if I did, I would sure stop now, after reading these 12 creepy and disturbing facts about them. Blecchh. *reaches for the brain bleach*
-Matching book covers and bathing suits, plus size edition
-Wow…I will not be eating Cheerios again any time soon.
-Frances from Corpulent rocks a colorful, revealing costume while performing samba in front of a crowd. Huzzah for fat dancers!
What it means to be fat.

Is Dr. Who a religion? If my friends are any indication, yes.

These hats are amazing.
-A beautiful piece on a support group for children whose parents have cancer. This is a must-read.
-Gorgeous geeky art (think Art Nouveau paintings of Firefly and Dr. Who characters): Megan Lara
So true.
-Dear Facebook: Please update your gender settings.
-A gorgeous alternative Asian bridal shoot.
Health, the obesity epidemic, and framing goals.
-Now these are the kind of holiday diet tips I can get behind.
-Elodie’s musings on her inadvertently gender-neutral childhood. And dinosaurs. That apatosaurus is pretty awesome. *saves in the when-I-grow-up-and-have-kids-someday file*

Looking for unusual things to buy, like a power-up arcade light switch plate or edible googly eyes? This video has you covered:

Read all the books: why are books even banned?
-Pink hair, neon cupcakes, and petticoats? Yeah, I like this shoot.
Absurd Halloween costumes, part two: sexy vegetarianism, sexy plaid, and sexy cultural appropriation. Booo for the Ursula costume not coming in plus sizes, both because 1.) it’s ridiculous that only thin people can dress up as a fat character and 2.) I want that costume. As a dress. To wear when it’s not Halloween. It’s just that awesome.

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