Sunday links, 5/3/15

pink tulip display

-Thank God: Six police officers to be criminally charged in Freddie Gray’s death.
Meet Marilyn Mosby, the badass prosecutor fighting for justice in Baltimore.
-This is a really comprehensive and useful post: Everything we know about Freddie Gray and the Baltimore Uprising and how you can help.
Baltimore Uprising is a central space for information that can be updated in real time.
Baltimore’s failure is rooted in decisions that were made 100 years ago.
Baltimore been burning.
-Jessica Williams as Effie Trinket in Baltimore on The Daily Show = brilliant.
The economic devastation fueling the anger in Baltimore.
-“When protests and riots broke out against oppressive regimes in Egypt, Tunisia, Libya, and Yemen as part of the Arab Spring, Americans cheered.”
Nonviolence as compliance.
-Cartoon: great moments in peaceful protest history.
-“Economic disruption has always impacted political decisions. That was the Boston Tea Party, right?”
-The parallels between Baltimore and Mexico: “On both sides of the border, the absence of any sane, humane, industrial or rural policy has created concentrations of dispensable peoples.”
The hideous white hypocrisy behind the Baltimore “Hero Mom” hype: how clueless media applause excuses police brutality.
Black America’s Baltimore schism: why the Freddie Gray tragedy demands serious soul-searching.
-Poem of the week: A Small Needful Fact by Ross Gay. (Note: the font is very light, so it’s easier to read if you highlight it.)
Where my girls at: meet two of Ferguson’s black queer activists.
Black Lives Matter protesters in NYC stock Forever 21 with “Never 21” t-shirts.

Fat Acceptance
The fallacy of “if you really liked yourself, other people’s opinions wouldn’t matter.”
Fat by choice: happy and healthy at the intersections of size and mental health.
I’ll take up all the damn space I want.
-A reminder of why I do fat activism: When they say “war on obesity,” I hear “casualties.” FA isn’t just about body image or self-esteem, although those are important. It’s about fighting a culture of fatphobia that literally kills and maims people.
I thought I was over my body image issues until I got diabetes.
Colorado preschool literally takes candy from a baby.

white great dane dog with black spots and pink bandana

A sweet Great Dane I befriended on a recent lunch break

You are not your dress size.
-Louise rounds up posts about the #WeAreThey campaign.
-Buttercup rants about the idiocy of Jamelia, Sarah Burnett, and anyone else who thinks fat people don’t deserve access to clothing.
-Torontonians, check out the upcoming FATshionraiser: Fat is a Feminist Issue.
-Cynthia reviews the TV documentary Plus Size Wars.
Rum + Coke rebrands as Courtney Noelle, and the designs are incredible. Unfortunately, though, the prices nearly doubled along with the rebranding.
7 body-positive tips for shopping your shape.
-Lady V London’s new line of plus size dresses is an example of retailers getting it right.
-Check out Liz’ Spring 2015 lookbook for Cool Gal Blue.
Genderfluid Fatshion is a new Tumblr for fat non-binary people.
Photo essay: the Black Witch Chronicles Group.

Climate and Sustainability
A solar future isn’t just likely–it’s inevitable.
Bringing together an indigenous and frontline movement to #KeepItInTheGround.
College students are making global warming a moral issue. Here’s why that scares people.
Group representing 1 million medical students backs fossil fuel divestment.
-Yet another divestment victory: the Church of England divests from thermal coal and tar sands oil.
Why the planet is happy that Bernie Sanders is running for President.

large mastiff dog sitting on ground

Another adorable canine friend, an English mastiff named Thor

Everything Else
-“I am somebody who tells a lot of jokes. And some days, I can’t shake the suspicion that I’m playing the fiddle and Rome is on fire.”
Why millions of Americans feel like they have no power over their lives.
How to help Nepal: 7 vetted charities doing relief work following the earthquake. This info about vetting charities is also useful.
Another way to help humanitarian efforts in Nepal: start mapping.
5 things feminists need to know about the Trans Pacific Partnership trade deal.
10 reasons why I am pro-abortion, not just pro-choice.
There’s a reason same-sex marriage is winning, while abortion rights are losing.
Delivery deserts: a reproductive justice challenge beyond abortion access.
Give ’em hell, Bernie: Bernie Sanders is more serious than you think.
A trans story is a ghost story.
When daydreaming replaces real life.
Building better nursing homes.
-Why the Steven Universe character Rose Quartz is so incredible and important.
-I love these photos of food neatly arranged by color and size.
A beautiful kitty wearing flower crowns.
22+ before and after pictures of dogs growing up.
23 dog best friends who love each other a lot.
-I want to get a dog and dress it up in a dinosaur costume.
Free things to do in London. I hope I can make it there someday!


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