Sunday links, 6/15/14

maple bacon donut in front of red rose bush

Maple bacon donut = HEAVEN.

-Leah is organizing a challenge called Outfit August, which is like Fatshion February but focused on re-using and re-purposing items you already have. I will be participating, although I’m not sure yet to what extent–it depends on how much time/energy I have, and how much the hot muggy August weather takes away any desire I have to be fashionable.
Scarlett & Jo uses bloggers ad models for their new collection, and other brands should probably follow suit.
-Good news: Wet Seal will be extending its plus size line to a bunch of stores this summer, including two in the Boston area.
-Re/Dress is now carrying exclusive items from Chubby Cartwheels, including two pastel lace skirts that I’m in love with.
-This fat babe sweatshirt is so cute. And would go really well with either of the aforementioned lace skirts!
-Georgina of Cupcake’s Clothes is selling hand-made clothes. Huzzah!
This high schooler turned her prom dress into a work of art.

Fat Acceptance
I’m cute, fat, and living.
Can we please stop body-shaming ourselves and each other as a form of female bonding?
-A comic about dealing with street sizeism.
Seriously, weight loss doesn’t work.
Why isn’t obesity research better known?
-Help fathlete Kelly Leo Gneiting swim the Anacapa Channel.

Climate and Sustainability
Welcome to West Port Arthur, Texas, ground zero in the fight for climate justice.
-Two great responses to Ezra Klein’s privileged pessimism on climate change: Three reasons you shouldn’t lose hope on climate change and Why it’s still not “game over” for global warming.
A new environmentalism for an unfractured future.
Cowboy and Indian Alliance plant sacred Ponca corn in the path of the Keystone XL pipeline.
Protesting coal with cupcakes = my kind of activism.
Yes, black people talk about climate change.
Rite of passage: a father and son explore a changing landscape.
Kid play zones in parks: “Leave no trace” inhibits fun and bonding with nature.
The real triumph of the city will be seen in Buffalo.

How We Live: A Journey Towards A Just Transition from Kontent Films on Vimeo.

Jobs and the Economy
-Exciting news: The Nation has started a feminist economics blog, The Curve. I also recently found Lady Economist through this Feministing interview, and I love it.
Temp nation: how corporations are evading accountability, at workers’ expense.
Is a $400K salary too much for a university president? Four academics apply to share one lucrative U of Alberta position.
What’s the role of race in the new economy movement?
The French are right: tear up public debt–most of it is illegitimate anyway.
Why does our society undervalue domestic work?
What if your ability to stay in the country depended on your employer?
WalMart’s women can’t “save money” or “live better” with wages and hours like this.
What happens when low-income workers suddenly get a living wage?
More evidence that giving poor people money is a great cure for poverty.

The Fault in Our Stars
Yes, it gets its own section, both because I love the book (haven’t seen the movie yet) and because I think the cultural conversations around it needs deconstructing.
The Fault In Our Stars has been unfairly bashed by critics who don’t understand it.
How the real kids behind TFiOS are bringing empathy to the internet. I’m not deeply involved in the community beyond watching YouTube videos and going to see the Vlogbrothers at Carnegie Hall once, but I am also proud to call myself a nerdfighter.
Hating on The Fault in Our Stars.
No, TFiOS is not young adult fiction’s savior.
The surprising emotional core of TFiOS.

plate with toast, scrambled eggs, sauteed asparagus, next to container of strawberries

Also exciting: asparagus and strawberries from the farmers market!

Everything Else
-I love this SO MUCH: Do female-named hurricanes need to lean in?
All known health frauds are in fact valid.
The fanciest genderqueer you’ll ever meet.
-Something I think about a lot: Should we fight the system, or be the change?
From Pussy Riot to Snowden: the dissident fetish.
Kids detained in AZ provides window into totally fucked US immigration system.
Laverne Cox returns to “Katie,” shows how to do a “teachable moment” right.
-Jessica Valenti interviews Rebecca Solnit about mansplaining, toxic masculinity, and online harassment.
We need to talk about the real costs of being a woman who does public advocacy.
-Vibosity, a new organization that works with urban youth, wants “to take the discussion of trauma away from the pathology of the individual, and treat it as the persistent state of an environment.”
Lost woman’s battle cry: dyscalculia and my war with math.
Surprise! Study finds people don’t understand how racism works.
Men can be feminists, but it’s actually really hard work.
-Like me, Aya de Leon loves Pharrell’s song “Happy,” but isn’t happy about some of the things he’s said and done about race, gender, and class.

5 thoughts on “Sunday links, 6/15/14

  1. YES to TFIoS getting its own section!!!

    I so badly want to write something on it myself. But given that pretty much everything in the movie has happened to me or to someone close to me…my brain is leaking out of my ears right now. Sentences are not happening.

    So I have to settle for quotes and silly pictures of my face in the meantime.

    In any case, thank you very much for spreading the words of people who have them.

  2. Thanks for the mention, and seriously don’t stress out about Outfit August. If you find time to jump in a time or two it’s enough. P.S. I’m with you on not coping in the heat. I think I should’ve been born in Sweden. 🙂

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