OOTD: Rocking out with my belly out

I may be the last person on the entire internet to do the crop top trend, but I’m ok with that. I’m just happy that I went out in public with my stomach showing, which is a big freaking deal. I never would have done that before I found FA.

plus size red crop top and black skirt outfit

Top; Ashley Stewart via the Big Thrifty, skirt: Dots via the Big Thrifty (yes, I got some amazing scores this year!), flower crown: Crown & Glory, necklace: Target, bracelets and earrings: So Good, shoes: Clarks

I wore this outfit to a concert of two awesome local bands, one that plays klezmer and one that plays Scottish fusion. There’s really more creativity in Boston than I can keep up with, and I’m glad I went to the show even though I kind of wanted to stay home and crash.

plus size red crop top with flower crown

It was pretty awesome to go out in public with my stomach showing and see that nothing happened–the earth didn’t swallow me up, and I didn’t even get any weird looks (at least that I noticed). I walked through the world with my chubby, zebra-striped (you can’t really see them in these pictures due to the lighting, but I have some major stretch mark action going on) belly on display, and the worst that happened was that I felt a little uncomfortable. Score one for team Fuck It, My Body Is Awesome.

red and black crop top outfit

I’m so in love with this sparkly bubble skirt. (I need to get some close-ups so you can see how sparkly it actually is!) It was one of my favorite Big Thrifty finds, and it’s super-comfortable, versatile, and cute all at once. I’ve been wearing it constantly, so you’ll probably see it turning up in many more outfit posts.

red and black crop top plus size outfit with floral crown

(Yes, I know I haven’t put up an outfit post in a while. I’ve been taking tons of pictures, but haven’t gotten around to the relatively tedious work of actually making them into posts because I’ve been busy, stressed out, and writing about other stuff. I’m going to try to put more outfit posts up soon!)

6 thoughts on “OOTD: Rocking out with my belly out

  1. Yay, you look amazing! I think I was the 2nd to last fat person to get on the crop top train, but I’m glad I did.

    I think wearing something daring and finding the world doesn’t implode is incredibly liberating.

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