Friday Links 9/27/13

If you read one thing this week, make it Rachel Cohen-Ruttenberg’s essay Shame and disconnection: the missing voices of oppression in Brene Brown’s “The Power of Vulnerability.” A taste:

People from any marginalized group can do all the personal work on themselves they want, but that work is not going to magically get them off the margins and connected into the larger society. If you’re on the margins, it’s not your attitude that’s got you disconnected. It’s stigma and systemic exclusion. I can be the most psychologically healthy, spiritually evolved, kick-ass disabled person on the planet, and that is not going to solve the social, sensory, and architectural barriers that enforce my disconnection from the able-bodied world every single day.

She also has a great follow-up post, Connection takes more than courage.

Now, on to the rest of the links…

-s.e. writes about the problem of greenwashing in the fashion industry.
-The Frugal Fatshionista reviews Light in the Box, which sells inexpensive formalwear in both straight and plus sizes.
-These indie nail polishes and lipsticks look fabulous.
-I love the clothes in Skorch’s Plus Night Out Recap.

Amber Riley = the awesomest. She’s so adorable and such a great dancer!

Fat Acceptance
-Shannon talks about what things changed–and what didn’t–when she unintentionally lost weight.
Four fat-positive Netflix picks (and one you should avoid).
-Why “fat-phobia is the last acceptable prejudice” is such bullshit.
-Ragini writes about the recurrence of her eating disorder and her experience with extreme fatphobia in her native India.
-Sonya Renee reflects on the invisibility of women of color within the fat acceptance movement.
What about really fat people with health problems?
-If you don’t want to become enraged and incredibly sad, avoid these three pieces: a special report on medical fatphobia,  one woman’s experience with a weight-loss-encouraging workplace wellness program–while she was fighting a life-threatening eating disorder, and the terrifying story of a man who died after he was refused medical treatment based on his weight. This is why we fight.

Everything Else
Please don’t thank me for loving my wife.
When I couldn’t feed my family.
The real mommy wars.
The dark side of Startup City.
Letter to the NC General Assembly: I can no longer afford to teach.

This cover of “The Fox” makes me so happy.

John Green and I are such kindred English major spirits. I love how he uses both a rap song and a historical text to analyze and problematize the American Dream narrative of individual success. (And yes, watching this video made me miss writing college papers!)


2 thoughts on “Friday Links 9/27/13

  1. Oh man, that article about San Francisco.

    I actually know someone who’s worked at a few big tech companies there (and a few more little ones), one of which did have one of those buses. I remembered thinking it was great that they had buses for their workers, but I didn’t think about those buses crowding out the buses that already run along the same streets, but will take anyone. (No, I was going with my Midwestern-city experience of there pretty much is no mass transit, so in my mind I was weighing the LinkedIn Bus against no buses, and everyone riding a single-occupant car. Which is obviously a horrible model that sucks and needs to die.)

    And I’m just beyond furious at Google apparently moving their headquarters to the suburbs to avoid city taxes. Be where your workers are, assholes!

    … and also “Don’t be evil” is apparently worth the paper it’s (not) printed on.

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