CT mall adventures part 2: Torrid

After getting way too excited in Deb–and acquiring some great work-appropriate basics, including a super-comfy black blazer–I discovered that the mall also contained a Torrid store!

I’ve been buying clothing online from Torrid for years, but had never made it to a real-life store. And although their clothing is much less exciting than it used to be–less goth/punk/alternative, more expensive, lower quality–they still have some stuff I like. Just walking into any non-Lane Bryant plus size store is a little too exciting.

Hell yeah Hello Kitty!

A lot of the clothing wasn’t my style, but I did find this amazing rose-print blazer. (I didn’t get the Hello Kitty tank top, as awesome as it was, because it didn’t fit quite right–but in general, I do recommend Torrid as a source for HK stuff.)

One of the saleswomen told me they had matching pants on clearance, but unfortunately they only had one pair, which wasn’t my size. I did find them online, but I’m wary about buying pants without trying them on, since so few pants are shaped like my body.

I didn’t spend much time in Torrid, as I’d just spent forever in Deb and didn’t want to keep Steve waiting too long. But I was glad to finally set foot in their store!

On one hand, it was exciting to find a mall with at least three stores where I could try on clothing. On the other hand, it’s sad how unusual that is. It’s sad that women who wear above a size 24 are excluded from Deb, and those who wear above a size 28 (in pants) or 32 (in tops and dresses) are excluded from Torrid. It’s sad how fucking far away we are from being able to walk into a mall and try on anything, in any store.

On the other other hand, hey, I found some awesome clothing. I found blazers that fit me in two different stores, which is nothing short of miraculous. I had a good time.

So I keep the bad stuff in mind, but I appreciate the good stuff. I’ll take it where I can get it.

I do wish these dresses at Hot Topic came in my size, though… *swoon*

6 thoughts on “CT mall adventures part 2: Torrid

  1. I believe Torrid is actually owned by Lane Bryant. Either way, I was never impressed with either store. Have you ever ordered from Simply Be?
    They have unique stuff sometimes, and usually its not hard to get a 30% off coupon code somewhere on the internet. (They run big, from experience)

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