Thursdsay Fa(t)shion Inspirations 9/6/2012

Better late than never. 🙂

Red and black! Polka dots and roses! This outfit is all-around awesome.

A lot of fatshionistas have posted pictures of themselves wearing this Domino Dollhouse dress, but this is my favorite yet. Green lipstick! Spike headband! Leopard creepers!  If I had a pet seal of approval, it’d be going “ork ork ork” like crazy.

More Domino Dollhouse here, in Natalie’s Cyndi Lauper-inspired outfit for the Aussie Curves celeb copycat challenge. I’m not even into ’80s music (I’m a ’90s girl, myself), but I love everything about this outfit, from the silver sparkly shoes to the petticoat to the ripped fishnets to the galaxy shirt.

This lavender dress is adorable. Huzzah for pastels and lace!

Pink and black sequins! Studs! Spikes! This outfit isn’t Caitlin’s usual–it’s a costume for a short film–but it’s so me.

I love hot pink blazers. H&M+ has one right now, but I tried it on and it doesn’t fit me in the shoulders–blah. But in any case, Amanda is rocking hers. A blazer with jeans, a t-shirt, and sneakers is the best way to go.

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