Betsey Johnson: a love/hate relationship

If I could spend my entire life in frothy party dresses, I would.

That’s why I both love and hate Betsey Johnson. Love, because she made incredibly gorgeous, glamorous, femme-tastic clothing. Hate, because she made it only up to a size 12. And at ridiculously expensive prices.

When I first visited a Betsey Johnson store, on a trip to New York last year, I was struck by how I felt simultaneously at home and left out. I had stepped into a magical pink world full of floral print and tulle–a world that, unlike most stores, reflected my style. A world of color and pattern and unabashed girliness. But at the same time, it was a world that excluded me.

…I kind of want to live here.

I’m used to stores that carry little or nothing in my size, but it sucks more than usual when everything is so awesome.

“Here is a rack full of awesome! And you can’t have any.”

When I found out that they were going out of business, part of me thought, “Serves you right!” And part of me was just sad to see a source of so much fabulousness disappear.

The world needs more fabulousness, not less.

I want to see inclusive, accessible fabulousness.

I know that the majority of thin women couldn’t have afforded Betsey Johnson dresses either, but at least they have more options for similar but cheaper clothing. Every time I walk into my local Buffalo Exchange, for example, the racks are full of cute, frilly, funky dresses in straight sizes, while their plus-size selection is limited to a few basics.

Plus-size designers, take note. Solid-colored cotton dresses are nice, but I’d love to see some of this:

source: first two taken by me, all others from Betsey Johnson’s Facebook page

5 thoughts on “Betsey Johnson: a love/hate relationship

  1. YES, YES, YES! I hear you! While i’m happy that the plus size market is expanding, it still seems that there is still so far to go. I love dresses like this. I’ve been having to stop myself from buying EVERY colour of the Domino Dollhouse petticoats, because they add a ‘puffiness’ factor to so many dresses.

    • Oh, Domino Dollhouse petticoats. I love the one I have, and I also have the urge to buy one in every color! (Sadly, I can’t right now because I am unemployed, but if I get a good stable job? Hopefully I’ll be able to afford at least one more petticoat.)

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  3. We have to convince Betsy to make plus sized clothing. I think there are SOOO many of us who would wear it. Thanks for being an inspiration. Keep up the good work!!

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