Holiday gift guide part 3: more black-owned businesses (and musicians) to check out

I keep coming across more awesome stuff from black-owned businesses, so I decided to make another holiday gift guide featuring them. I’ve also included a few music videos so you can find new music to buy for yourself or others. You can also find more resources for finding black-owned businesses at the bottom of this post.

Accessories and makeup
collage - accessories and makeup

Sweethearts Revenge sunglasses, FlyJane, $28
Shoulder spikes, The Thicky Chicky, $15
Blue feather headband, Boutique DeBandeaux, $45
-Lipstick in Kamikaze and Night Owl, The Lip Bar, $20
Turn It Up bling coat, Ginger & Liz, $12
Victorian wrist cuffs, AmyEcho, $18
Purple feather headband, Boutique DeBandeaux, $25

Bath and body products

collage of bath and body prodcuts

Shea soaps, BeeLux, $6 each
Pumpkin pie body butter, Belle Butters, $13
Pomegranate kiwi sugar body polish, Pooka Pure and Simple, $20
Pomegranate body butter, Pooka Pure and Simple, $14.99 Continue reading

Pretty things I’m drooling over right now: dark florals and pink leopard

As the weather finally gets cool enough for cardigans and leggings, I’ve been eyeing warm-looking pink fuzzy sweaters and all things darkly romantic: lace, leather, tulle, dark florals. I’m also still obsessed with all things holographic (although somehow I haven’t managed to acquire any yet). What types of pretties have you been loving this fall, or spring if you’re in the Southern Hemisphere?

Dark romantic


Pretty pink things


Pretty black, holographic, and galaxy-print things


I wish this existed: recycled costumes for regular people

So, I recently came across the Tumblr Recycled Movie Costumes, and it got me thinking. What if there was an everyday equivalent for us non-movie-stars?

I know there are Netflix-like clothing rental sites such as Gwynnie Bee, about which I’ve heard good things. But they’re for normal clothing, and they’re internet-based.

I would love to see a brick-and-mortar clothing rental business that had gorgeous, costume-y clothes in a wide variety of sizes. Flapper dresses, woodland fairy costumes, Victorian outfits, steampunk get-ups, Renaissance gowns…

People could rent them for special occasions, or just to play dress-up. You could have the fun of wearing gorgeous costumes from various eras without shelling out the expense to buy one, or investing in something that might no longer fit if your body changes. And you could always spend an evening trying on costumes with friends.

I don’t know if this could actually work as a business model–it would require keeping on hand a large number of costumes in different sizes, which might be prohibitively expensive. But it’s something I’d love to see in a sustainable future of fashion.