If only we could take vacations from fat shaming…

I had a great time in New York. But unfortunately, fat stigma shows up everywhere.

Fuck you very much, New York City. Fuck you very much.

On a related note, the NYC subway turnstiles are tiny. Which is a problem not only for some fat people, but for some disabled people and people with strollers or luggage as well. Without luggage, I fit through them fine, although without much room to spare. With a suitcase and a backpack? Not so much.

The stations had a gate for disabled people, but it had to be opened by a station attendant.

Boston does it so much better. We have relatively wide gates instead of turnstiles. And at each station, there’s one extra-wide gate for disabled people and anyone else who needs it. You don’t have to ask anyone to open it–you just tap your card and go through.

I grumble about the T as much as the next Bostonian, but this is one thing it gets right. I hope that New York, and other cities, follow our example to make their subway systems more easily accessible.