I’m Miss World (Alternative Curves: Riot Grrl)

I know Courtney Love never considered herself, or her band, a part of the Riot Grrl movement. But she’s the first person I think of when I think of Riot Grrl. And she, along with Gwen Stefani, was one of my earliest style icons. So I decided to emulate her early-’90s look for this month’s Alternative Curves challenge.

Riot Grrl was a bit before my time, but I got into Hole in middle school alongside my Nirvana obsession. Their music was so raw, so angry, so feminist–so everything I needed. And I fell hard for Love’s kinderwhore look: messy hair, smeared red lipstick, baby barrettes, babydoll dresses, ripped tights, Mary Janes.

collage of me and courtney love holding guitars
Dress: vintage, from a clothing swap, barrette: really old, but I’ve always gotten them at CVS/Walgreen’s/etc., necklace: Claire’s, socks: ASOS, shoes: L.L. Bean, coat: thrifted, guitar: borrowed from Steve

collage of three pictures of courtney love from the 90s

Inspiration forever.

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OOTD: Every party should be a ’90s party

Back when I was in college, ’80s parties were a big thing. I was never that into ’80s music or style, but the ’90s were everything to me, so I was really glad when they started coming back in the past year or two. I had a ’90s party a few years ago, and decided to have another one recently, because why not?

90s plus size outfit nirvana shirt, silver velvet dress, mary janes, knee socks

Shirt, lunchbox, slap bracelet, necklaces, silver rose ring, and baby barrettes: actually from the ’90s (or in some cases, early ’00s), earrings: Claire’s, slipdress: from either a clothing swap or the Big Thrifty, socks: Domino Dollhouse, Mary Janes: L.L. Bean, tiara: KMart, studded wristband: PacSun, bangles: Deb and Torrid, yellow flower ring: The Big Thrifty, tattoo bracelet: came for free with a Lisa Frank tote bag that I bought from an Etsy shop (but you can also find them really cheap on eBay)

Oh, lunchboxes. I was so into them in high school–I had a whole collection, and used a different one for my lunch every day.

And this shirt….this shirt is the second-oldest item of clothing I own. (The oldest is a t-shirt my best friend got me in Puerto Rico when I was 9, a year after I’d gone on a trip there with her. It’s full of holes and I never wear it, but I can’t bear to part with it.) I got it in sixth grade from a store that was literally called Booger’s–it sold band t-shirts, skater clothes, and random stuff like fuzzy picture frames, and was my favorite store ever.

I had my mom alter the shirt to be sleeveless and more form-fitting–and it’s a miracle that it still fits, 17 years and about 100 pounds later. For reference, this is what it looked like when it was new (or at least new-ish–judging by the bangs, this was seventh grade):

teenager in the 90s wearing all-black, nirvana shirt and pants, and sunglasses

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Obesity Apocalypse: the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard, and also a great band name

woman creeping behind sign on beach that says

This is what the Obesity Apocalypse looks like. Pretty menacing, huh?

I just came across a post by closetpuritan pointing to an article in which the author, in all apparent seriousness, describes the existence of fat people as “the obesity apocalypse.”

When I read shit like this, I don’t know whether to laugh or cry. Or both. On one hand, it hurts that there are people out there–published authors, no less–who see the existence of bodies like mine as something akin to a zombie takeover or nuclear winter. On the other hand, it’s too ridiculous not to laugh at. It illustrates just how absurd anti-”obesity” rhetoric truly is.

And it would make a really, really great band name. I can picture it now: a riot grrl-esque group of fierce fatties, with reclaimed epithets like “fat bitch” scrawled across their exposed stomachs in lipstick. They wear metallic booty shorts and, like Beth Ditto, often perform in nothing but their undies and bras. They rock hard, take no shit, and inspire legions of young fat girls to revolt.

Friday links 10/5/12

If I get a car, you’d better believe it’ll look like this.

-In an act of sheer badassery, a Wisconsin news anchor takes down a viewer who bullied her for her size. She is my new hero.
-The Fat Nutritionist on the stereotype that fat people are all binge eaters.
It’s been a tough week for fat kids in the media.
-An absolutely epic gay wedding in a children’s museum. With a carousel. And two adorable grooms wearing floral suspenders. Seriously, this is just made of awesome. Also, now I want to move into the Please Touch Museum.
How to make a tutu. I do have to quibble with the assertion that “…a tutu probably isn’t something you’d wear every day,” though.
-Also from Rookie, behind the scenes at Meadham Kirchhoff’s Spring/Summer 2012 show in London. I love that so much of it was inspired by Courtney Love. I used to have some of the same pictures on my teenage bedroom walls–I wish I still had them. Also, the fluffy coats and feather skirts at the end of the slideshow are amazing.
-A great overview of Health at Every Size.
-Similarly: a wonderful, comprehensive Fat Acceptance 101 post (by a pink-haired lady, no less!)

The window display at So Good, my go-to jewelry store

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