Mini-OOTD: Scarlett & Jo floral prom dress

This is not so much an OOTD as a this-dress-didn’t-quite-work-for-me-but-it’s-so-pretty-let-me-show-you-it-anyway of the day.

I’m still on the hunt for a dress to wear to my cousin’s wedding (and still hoping this dress comes back in stock, because it’s the prettiest). I ordered this floral prom dress from Evans to try it out, and unfortunately it doesn’t work for me–which is so sad, because I’m in love with the print. Photorealistic florals are so my jam.

evans scarlett & jo floral prom dress

It looks ok from the front, but from the side…well, I’m not going to show you the side-view, because it makes me look pregnant. I don’t mean it shows off my VBO, which I’m not opposed to doing–I mean it literally makes me look like I’m about to have a baby. And that’s just not a look I want to go for.

This dress would look gorgeous on someone else, but on my body, it’s just not meant to be…. *sigh.*

evans scarlett & jo floral prom dress

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