OOTD: Vampire queen

I finally got my first free item to review for my blog, huzzah! After more than two years of blogging, it’s about time. Trying to get free stuff isn’t my main focus–and I’m plenty skeptical of the commercialization of fatshion blogging–but it’s still nice to be offered something to review once in a while.

Plus Size Lingerie Boutique offered me a free item, and I decided to go with this goth-tastic vampire costume. You can find all of their vampire costumes here.

plus size red and black goth vampire costume

Costume: c/o Plus Size Lingerie Boutique, boots: Hot Topic (old), necklace: Boohoo, flower crown: Crown & Glory

I ordered the largest size, 3x, hoping it would fit even though my measurements were slightly bigger than the size chart. Unfortunately, it turned out to be way, way too small–I could barely squeeze into it. I’d recommend this costume for someone who usually wears at most a 16/18.

plus size goth vampire dress red and black

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Halloween OOTD: the Queen of Darkness

plus size goth witchy halloween costume

I’ve been feeling particularly goth-y lately, so I decided to dress up as a witch for Halloween. While looking for my velvet burnout shawl, I found a mesh poncho that worked really well as a veil–which turned the costume into more of a goth bride or a queen of darkness.

halloween 8

Dress: Torrid, skirt: ASOS, shawl: ??, veil/poncho: clothing swap, boots: Hot Topic literally 14 years ago, necklace: Boohoo, flower crown: Crown & Glory, socks: Domino Dollhouse

Dressing up for Halloween reminds me that I feel so much more myself when I’m wearing what most people would consider a costume. I loved walking around in this get-up; the only problem was that the shawl kept slipping off my shoulders, and pulling it back on without messing up the veil was tricky. Continue reading

Sunday links, 10/26/14


-Californians, check out the +Market by Domino Dollhouse featuring Tess Munster. It sounds amazing and I wish I could be there!
-Vivi writes about why she’s taking a break from Gwynnie Bee.
-These photos from Bombsheller’s fitting party are awesome, and I can’t wait until their leggings are available in plus sizes.
-New Yorkers, keep an eye out for Lockwood Style, a new clothing boutique in Astoria that will be one-third plus sizes.
-Chubby Cartwheels’ Little Black Dress Collection is out!
-I love Rae’s Halloween costumes featuring Hips & Curves items, especially the witch.
12 all black plus size picks for fall.
-Sheri rounds up gorgeous dark floral pieces.
An awesome plus size show at Portland Fashion Week.
-I love this plus size fashion illustration blog!
Major fashion labels attack blogger for not conforming to gender roles.
-I’ve never been to a horse race and have no particular desire to do so, but I love the style of dresses and fascinators that women wear to them. Everything in City Chic’s Day at the Races roundup is gorgeous. I wish they had credited the sources for the shoes and accessories, though.

Fat Acceptance
-I have somewhat mixed feelings about #4, but otherwise I agree with this completely: 5 reasons why we need to stop thinking of skinny-shaming as “reverse discrimination.”
On being liked better after losing weight.
-If you’ve heard that sleep apnea is caused by fat, did you know that belief is based on research that was found to have been falsified?
Good intentions only go so far in making HAES more inclusive.
Fatphobia: 5 facts and a guide for the disbeliever.
Apple’s health app: where’s the power?
When is weight a symptom?
-Australian dance company Force Majeure has put out a call for fat dancers to audition for a groundbreaking new dance theater project.
-I’ve been watching Parks & Recreation, and I want to love it, but there are so many things that bother me about the show–including the fatphobic treatment of Jerry and the portrayal of Donna as the stereotypical sassy fat black woman. This series of posts makes the important point that Donna often talks about her sexual activities, but is never seen with a love interest. It broke my heart a bit when I read this list of 29 reasons Leslie Knope and Ben Wyatt are the most perfect fictional couple around, and realized: this is exactly what fat women, and black women, and especially fat black women, don’t get in the media. We/they don’t get to see ourselves portrayed as worthy of love, and that needs to change.


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