Have clothes you don’t need? Donate them to the Leelah Project.

In last week’s Sunday Links post, I mentioned the Leelah Project, which sends clothes and necessities to transgender people in memory of Leelah Alcorn, the trans teenager who recently killed herself because her parents refused to let her express her gender identity.

I linked to the project’s fundraising page, but didn’t think of another obvious way to help until one of my friends mentioned it on Facebook: they accept clothing donations, which would be a perfect use for post-clothing-swap leftovers. I am hosting a clothing swap later this month, and will be donating all leftovers to the Leelah Project.

If you’re also holding a clothing swap any time soon, or just have extra clothes you don’t need and the money to ship them, please consider donating them! The address is: The Leelah Project at 985 Kendall Dr. Ste. A – 234, San Bernardino, CA 92407. I think it’s especially important for fat people to donate clothes if we can, because plus size clothing is so much harder to find in general.