Friday links 10/5/12

If I get a car, you’d better believe it’ll look like this.

-In an act of sheer badassery, a Wisconsin news anchor takes down a viewer who bullied her for her size. She is my new hero.
-The Fat Nutritionist on the stereotype that fat people are all binge eaters.
It’s been a tough week for fat kids in the media.
-An absolutely epic gay wedding in a children’s museum. With a carousel. And two adorable grooms wearing floral suspenders. Seriously, this is just made of awesome. Also, now I want to move into the Please Touch Museum.
How to make a tutu. I do have to quibble with the assertion that “…a tutu probably isn’t something you’d wear every day,” though.
-Also from Rookie, behind the scenes at Meadham Kirchhoff’s Spring/Summer 2012 show in London. I love that so much of it was inspired by Courtney Love. I used to have some of the same pictures on my teenage bedroom walls–I wish I still had them. Also, the fluffy coats and feather skirts at the end of the slideshow are amazing.
-A great overview of Health at Every Size.
-Similarly: a wonderful, comprehensive Fat Acceptance 101 post (by a pink-haired lady, no less!)

The window display at So Good, my go-to jewelry store

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