Friday Links, 11/16/12

It’s Friday. Why not start off with some fun fluff?

-The ridiculousness of the concept of “extra weight.”
A few thoughts on Love Your Body Day.
Five things every gym should already be doing.
-Surprise! Our friends’ attitudes about their bodies influence our own.
-An interview with an awesome fat yoga teacher.

-Passing this along from Fatshionista: a request for Pinterest users willing to be interviewed for a school project.
Jessica Dee’s Etsy shop has gone live! I think my favorite piece is this brocade skirt.
-This Firefly shirt, which I found through Natalie, is just amazing.
-From the other Natalie comes this unedited rant about looking into fatshion’s navel. She makes so many good, important points–make sure to check it out. I have a lot of thoughts about all of it, and may expand them into a post later.
Worker abuse is a fashion don’t.
-This Etsy store sells gorgeous, cheap appliques that could easily be made into necklaces by adding a ribbon.
-Through Sal’s post on warm winter tops and jackets, I found the gorgeous clothing brand Desigual. They only carry up to a US 14, booo. But if you’re an in-betweenie, check them out, because their stuff is unique and amazing. I would especially want this shirt if it came in my size.
Seven cute, quirky, and possibly rule-breaking plus-size sweaterdresses.

-A new advice column I like: Turning the Screw.
Identity politics and grammar in the developmental writing classroom.
30 things you don’t have to have by 30.
Why Occupy’s plan to cancel consumer debt is brilliant. Seriously, this plan is so creative and amazing, it just makes me want to jump for joy.
The last neighborhood I loved: Rockaway, Queens.
Ask Lesley: How do I stop accidentally offending people all the time?

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Pink/black murder mystery party and OOTD

My friend Michi and her friend Lisa recently had an awesome pink-and-black-themed murder mystery birthday party.

I don’t need an excuse to get all glammed up, but I do appreciate one! And this was a fun one.

Me and Michi glamming it up

Michi and Lisa sewed their own outfits, complete with fabulous pink fascinators. It’s hard to see because the picture is a bit blurry (sorry!), but there are tiny tiaras attached to them.

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Halloween Fun

Honestly, I was kind of lazy this year. I’ve had more creative costumes, like the time I was a Freudian slip.

I put together a cupcake-loving unicorn costume using my pink Domino Dollhouse petticoat, We Love Fine Pinkie Pie cupcake t-shirt, a cupcake sweater that a friend gave me as a birthday present last year, and a unicorn horn headband from Sick for Cute. I was also wearing cupcake socks, but they looked weird over my leggings, so I ended up putting them underneath.

Steve’s costume was even easier, but more awesome: Captain Hammer!

We sat out on the front porch giving candy to kids, including an adorable baby pirate! I love seeing little kids all dressed up. 🙂

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Necklaces: My Little Pony and Mood Heart

A while back, I posted an outfit in which I was wearing a My Little Pony necklace. Here’s a closeup of the necklace, which Steve made me for Hanukkah! It depicts the cutie mark of Pinkie Pie, the bubbly, party-loving pony who works at a cupcake shop. (Can you guess which pony I identify with?)

And here’s one of my other favorite necklaces, a mood heart that I got at Claire’s. I had one like it in high school, but then it broke (in two ways–the first way was fixable, but not the second). I looked for a similar necklace for years, and was excited to finally find one a few months ago.

Reading while fat, part 2

It’s too common to be surprising, but it still stings when I can’t even read a book without being othered.

I was reading The Winter of Our Disconnect–an otherwise thoughtful and well-written book, which I’ll probably write more about later–when I came across the following passage:

Many morbidly obese individuals eat three times a day. It’s not how often they eat that creates problems. It’s what they put on their plate. Maybe we shouldn’t be surprised that the epidemic John Naish calls “infobesity” works in much the same way.

Those few lines snapped me out of my engaged, absorbed state and into one of frustration. Frustration with the assumption–despite all evidence to the contrary–that fat people eat more than thin people do. With the pathologizing of bodies like mine. With the casual use of fatness as a metaphor for social ills.

I have only one response to that bullshit:

Pinkie Pie is my hero.

Sidenote: I hate the phrase “morbidly obese,” and much prefer “mordantly obese.”

OOTD: Wings and Ponies

I’ve been sick lately, so I haven’t worn anything worth photographing. But here are some pictures of a fun outfit I wore a few months ago for some frolicking in the Arnold Arboretum.

My boyfriend and I are both huge fans of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic (which, btw, is changing the definition of masculinity). He got me this Pinkie Pie shirt for Valentine’s Day, and made the Pinkie Pie cutie mark bottlecap necklace as part of my Hanukkah gift! You can’t really see the necklace in these pictures, but I’ll post a close-up soon. 🙂

I kind of aspire to be a woodland fairy when I grow up.

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