#FatshionFebruary, day 22: more dark floral

Because there’s no such thing as too much dark floral.

This outfit illustrates the ridiculousness of the weather we’ve been having lately. It was in the 50’s yesterday, warm enough to go out with bare legs and arms–but there were still slushy areas on the sidewalks, hence the snow boots. New England, I’ve lived in you my entire life and sometimes I still don’t understand you.

top: Dots, skirt: SWAK, jacket: Torrid via clothing swap, snow boots: present from my mom, hair bow: Target?, necklace and earrings: Domino Dollhouse, sunglasses: Sweet and Lovely, bracelets: Deb, Torrid, and So Good

I’m so in love with this pleather jacket–it will be one of my spring wardrobe staples, for sure.

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OOTD: All that glitters is gold

top and skirt: Pink Clove, teggings: Re/Dress, cardigan: Kohl’s (forever ago), shoes: Naot, tote bag: Target, necklace: eBay, earrings and rhinestone wristband: So Good, bangles: Torrid and Deb, rings: from Claire’s and a toy store back in high school, flower crown: Crown & Glory

I’m so, so in love with this top and skirt, which I bought with holiday money from my grandparents.

The shirt is baggier than I’d like–I’m in between two sizes on Pink Clove’s size chart, so I ordered up, and it’s definitely on the big side. The material is also surprisingly un-soft for velvet. It’s comfortable on the inside, but the outside, which brushes against my arms when I walk, is rough and a bit itchy. That said, I love it anyway, because it’s just so fabulous. And wearing my (also fabulous) sequined cardigan solves the itchy-arm problem.

While taking outfit pictures, I came across one of my feline friends, Vancouver. He’s such a sweet kitty. 🙂

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Friday Links, 8/30/13

One of my birthday cupcakes, and my Candyland-decorated fridge 🙂

Can you believe it’s almost September? I love feeling that almost-fall crispness in the air and getting early apples from the farmer’s market. And although I will miss beach-going, I can’t wait for apple-picking/pumpkin-everything-eating/leaf-peeping season! Fall in New England is the best.

Here’s what I’ve been reading this week. Feel free to leave links to things you’ve read or written in the comments!

Re/Dress is opening a new physical location in Cleveland, Ohio!
-Girl With Curves hosts a peplum style challenge, showing women of various shapes and sizes rocking the style.
-I wish I could have been at this fat girl pop-up shop: it looks like so much fun!
9 androgynous clothing labels you should know.
-Ragini analyses the ways in which her style reflects resistance to colonialism and racism.
-Pink denim vests and My Little Pony patches? Hell yes.
-Alicia has started The Roll Model Roster, a group of fashion and lifestyle bloggers who are fat, disabled, and/or over 40.
-Shannon responds to Tim Gunn’s realization that there’s not enough plus size clothing available.

Fabulous fat shopping with Virgie Tovar:

Fat Acceptance
Things my body is not.  So much yes.
-Marianne writes about how her experience working at Lane Bryant helped her learn to love her body.

Everything Else
-I love this post from Robert Reich (with whom I was lucky to take a class in college!) on the sense of powerlessness that so many of us feel, and how we’re not really as powerless as we often think.
Twerking makes the OED on the anniversary of Hurricane Katrina.
-Mikki Kendall gives advice on how to be an ally.
-Two important perspectives from women who feel left out of the black/white binary that characterized much of #SolidarityIsForWhiteWomen: a Mexican-American who identifies as a “white woman of color,” and an Asian-American who finds herself left out of conversations on social justice.
Support striking fast food workers.
A letter to the mixed and tender with roots that tangle.
The myth of the teenage temptress: or why a young girl cannot consent to sex with an adult man.
-Reflections on the complicated relationship between food justice and eating disorders.
On Miley Cyrus, ratchet culture, and accessorizing with black people.

Behind the scenes with Lisa Frank? HELL YES.

-I love the idea of calligraffiti.
-Cutest thing EVER: a Kermit and Miss Piggy themed wedding!
-What do you get when you mix an Alaskan malamute, a German shepherd, and a Siberian husky? A dog that looks just like a wolf!

Tell Target, fatties like florals too!

I’m seriously in love with Target’s Prabal Gurung collection, but…it only goes up to a size 16. (Why am I not surprised?)

Dear Target, I want this in size fat!

So I used their contact form to send them the following letter:


I love all the pieces in the Prabal Gurung clothing line. However, as a plus size fashion blogger who usually wears a size 22, I was disappointed to see that the line’s sizing ends at a 16.

These pieces are gorgeous, and I would absolutely buy them if they came in my size. Please consider expanding the collection’s size range so that plus size fashionistas can wear it as well!


If you also want to see amazing florals in sizes above 16, feel free to drop them a note as well! Target’s a big company, and I doubt they’re going to listen to a few fatshionistas, but it can’t hurt to try.

Thursday Fa(t)shion inspirations 1/10/13

Sorry it’s a day late, but I’ve got lots of great looks for you!

Like this one. How much more awesome can you get than purple + peacock?

This is my real-life friend Michi, who has amazing style. She can put together an outfit like no one else I know.

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Pop Up Plus NY in Boston

I hope all my fellow Northeasterners are staying safe from Hurrican Sandy! My office is closed, so I’m hanging out at home (with a good supply of pizza, mint M&M brownies, and coffee).

Yesterday, I went to Pop Up Plus NY’s Boston event, which was a lot of fun. I couldn’t make it on Saturday, when they had a cocktail party, but I still enjoyed playing dress-up and meeting some fabulous fatshionistas.

With Tiana and Camy, who were running the event.

So many sequins!

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OOTD: Pink and gray

A few years ago, my friend Emily (of CoupCoup Designs and Yarn Pornography) introduced me to the idea of wearing colored leggings with black socks as pseudo-tights. It’s perfect for me, because I love how tights look but I hate how they feel, and leggings are much better.

Luckily, I can fit into an XL in American Apparel leggings, which are fairly durable. [Insert obligatory rant about how arbitrary women’s sizing is–how weird it is that I’m wearing a 3X top, an XXL skirt, and XL leggings all in the same outfit.] They’re a little long, so they bunch up around the ankles, but that doesn’t bother me too much.

Top: Deb, tutu: Target, leggings: American Apparel, shoes: Naot via David’s Famous Name Shoes, earrings: not sure, bracelets: Torrid and Deb, necklace: a pendant from Michael’s on a chain I already owned, fascinator: Claire’s (another $1 find!) Continue reading

OOTD: Pink peplum and roses

I love this top from Deb, which I also have in green. Luckily, I fit into a 3x, which is the largest size–but I wish it weren’t that way. I don’t like when I’m at the top of a size range, which means that anyone bigger than me is left out. Everyone should get to wear lacy pink peplum shirts (well, if they like that sort of thing).

Also, I have mixed feelings about the existence of juniors’ plus sizing in general. On one hand, it tends to fit me better than regular plus sizing. But on the other hand, it usually runs smaller, and stops at a smaller size. Which is not ok–teenagers, just like adults, come in all shapes and sizes. They may be a little thinner on average, because aging is correlated with weight gain. But that doesn’t mean they don’t need fabulous clothes in sizes above 3x.*

Pink peplum for everyone! *raises fist*

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