Fatshion February, day 23: black, floral, and blush

Blog note: Sorry it’s been taking me a bit longer than usual to respond to comments lately. Between trying to keep up with Fatshion February and everything else going on, not to mention general winter exhaustion, I just haven’t had a lot of spare time or energy. But I appreciate all of your recent comments, especially the congratulations on my engagement post (squeeee!), and I will respond eventually.

I wish I had a commenting system like Disqus that would email people when I respond to their comments, but my computer sometimes has trouble with Disqus, and I’ve heard bad things from other bloggers who have tried using it. So for now, until I find a better alternative, I’m sticking with WordPress’ standard commenting system. If you check “notify me of new comments via email” when you comment, you should get notified of my response (although I can’t guarantee it since I haven’t tried myself, unfortunately, and you’ll also get emails about other comments on the same post).

This tulle miniskirt is an old favorite, from the straight size section at Target years ago. I love pairing it with black pieces and a matching floral hairclip. The hair flower is also old–in fact, it’s one of the first few flower clips I ever bought, and I still love it.

plus size outfit black top and leggings, champagne tutu

Top: Old Navy – thrifted, skirt: Target, leggings: Domino Dollhouse, blazer: Pink Clove via ASOS, shoes: L.L. Bean, hair flower: H&M, necklace: present from my mom, who found it at a thrift store, bracelet: So Good, earrings: a small store in Western MA

plus size outfit blue floral blazer and blush skirt

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Mini-OOTD: Scarlett & Jo floral prom dress

This is not so much an OOTD as a this-dress-didn’t-quite-work-for-me-but-it’s-so-pretty-let-me-show-you-it-anyway of the day.

I’m still on the hunt for a dress to wear to my cousin’s wedding (and still hoping this dress comes back in stock, because it’s the prettiest). I ordered this floral prom dress from Evans to try it out, and unfortunately it doesn’t work for me–which is so sad, because I’m in love with the print. Photorealistic florals are so my jam.

evans scarlett & jo floral prom dress

It looks ok from the front, but from the side…well, I’m not going to show you the side-view, because it makes me look pregnant. I don’t mean it shows off my VBO, which I’m not opposed to doing–I mean it literally makes me look like I’m about to have a baby. And that’s just not a look I want to go for.

This dress would look gorgeous on someone else, but on my body, it’s just not meant to be…. *sigh.*

evans scarlett & jo floral prom dress

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