#FatshionFebruary, day 12

Why wear one tutu when you can wear two tutus? (AKA the most ridiculously unwieldy, but also fun and colorful, outfit ever.)

Both tutus are from Sisters of the Moon, my go-to tutu supplier.

Some days are just brighter when you have ponies on your face…

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Everyone’s your friend when you’re in New York City

Steve and I went to NYC to see John and Hank Green’s Evening of Awesome–which was indeed awesome, and which I’ll post about soon. For now, here are are a few highlights of our trip.

We stayed with Rachel, one of my college friends:

I love how New York has eateries devoted to any kind of food you can imagine. We didn’t make it to the rice pudding place, but we did stop for lunch at Baconery, whose specialty you can guess from the name. Their bacon grilled cheese and bacon chocolate peanut butter cookies were delicious!

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