Fatshion February, day 19: Black and white

Sometimes I wish Fatshion February took place in April or May instead. I’ve been wearing the same three pairs of leggings all month because they’re warm, and I know that once the weather warms up a bit, I’ll be wearing a much more diverse selection of colors and patterns. It’s also been too cold to take outfit pictures outside (and too dark by the time I get home from work anyway).

I really, really, really can’t wait for spring. For so many reasons.

plus size black and white outfit

Top: thrifted, shrug: SimplyBe, skirt: Deb, leggings: Re/Dress, shoes: L.L.Bean, headband, Target, jewelry: miscellaneous

plus size outfit black top, white lace skirt, polka dot leggings

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OOTD: black and white pattern-mixing with a holographic pop

I was sorting through my closet this weekend, trying to pick which items to bring to a clothing swap I’m holding in a few weeks, and almost threw this dress into the swap pile. I haven’t worn it in forever because the straps don’t quite cover my bra, so it’s not appropriate for fancy occasions.

But then I saw my studded button-down shirt hanging near it, and I had an idea. And I’m really happy with how it turned out! This kind of mix-and-match outfit creation–playing with pattern and texture within a limited color palette, or vice versa–is exactly what I love about fashion.

plus size outfit black and white mesh dress, black top, polka dot leggings, fuzzy bolero

Dress: Dress Barn via eBay, top: Marshall’s, shrug: SimplyBe, leggings: Re/Dress, snow boots: from my mom, tote bag: ASOS, necklace: a gift shop in France (I’ve also seen it available online at La Marelle, although it is currently sold out), earrings: Faces (which is closing, boo), fascinator: from my aunt, rings: old, wristbands: So Good

plus size outfit black button down top with black and white dress, black hair bow

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OOTD: Cruella DeVille-ish

Inspired by the many awesome black-and-white outfits I’ve seen around the fatshion-o-sphere, I decided to try my hand at my own.

black and white polka dot plus size outfit with feather headband

Tunic: Aster via Zulily, bellydance top worn underneath tunic: from a clothing swap, skirt: Deb, leggings: Re/Dress, shoes: Naot, necklace: clothing swap, earrings: not sure, headband: Brykalski

plus size black and white outfit with feather headband and pearls

I really wish this tunic were better quality. I’m so into the asymmetric hem and the contrasting prints; I’d love for it to be a long-term wardrobe staple, but I’ve only worn it a few times and it’s already pilling and fading. Uggh, pilling is the bane of my existence. And those random fuzzy spots that show up for no discernible reason, which happened to the back of these leggings.

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Outfit August day 8: seeing stars

plus size outfit black star dress and belt

Dress: ASOS Curve, tank top: Lane Bryant via clothing swap, belt: Re/Dress, shoes: Clarks, bracelet: Macy’s, necklace: clothing swap, bow and earrings: not sure

plus size outfit with asos curve star dress

This dress is probably my favorite ASOS Curve purchase of all time. It’s comfortable, easy to layer, and lends itself to all sorts of fun outfits. Continue reading

Wednesday Fa(t)shion Inspirations, 1/1/14: New Year’s Edition

Happy new year to all! I hope you had as much fun as I did last night–I had a wonderful group of friends over, met some awesome new friends (including one who’s also into fashion and makeup and YAY I love meeting people who are on the same girly-stuff wavelength!), sung along to Once More With Feeling, played Cards Against Humanity, and generally had good silly fun while being dressed up and enjoying everyone’s fancy-pants-ness.

I’ll post pictures of my outfit and the party soon! Also, it seems like every blog I follow is doing some kind of end-of-year post, whether it’s a list of top posts/favorite outfits or reflections on the year…I feel like I should, but I kind of don’t want to. So, we’ll see…maybe I will come up with something I want to write about, maybe not. But I have a lot of non-new-year-related things I want to post about, so keep your eyes out for those!

Without further ado, here are some amazing outfits I’ve admired lately:

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