Friday links, 3/8/13

Happy Friday! If you can, help restore Re/Dress. Rachel Kacenjar of Cupcake & Cuddlebunny and Sweettooth Couture has bought the store, and she has some awesome plans for it–including re-opening a physical location in 2014.

Environmental Justice/Sustainability
-This is really important and powerful: With climate change, a bad deal gets even worse for the global South.
How climate change affects people of color.
The children: why a generation is putting itself on the line for the climate. I have so much respect and admiration for these students.
Australia officially blames climate change for “angry summer.”
Supercapacitors may have the potential to change the world.
Back to the land again: folk schools teach skills for modern-day survival.
-Some good news: the Sierra Club Beyond Coal campaign is halfway to its goal of retiring a third of the US’ coal-fired power, and
solar power is quickly becoming economically sustainable.
Dancing the world into being: a conversation with Idle No More’s Leanne Simpson.
Generational impacts of climate change: what will it mean for you?
-Have I mentioned I love Boston? I have a new reason to be proud of my city: the Higher Ground Farm, which will open this spring on the roof of the Boston Design Center and will be the world’s second-largest rooftop farm.

What good is a movement without songs?

Welcome to Sue Kreitzman’s wild and wonderfully colorful world.
-Check out the Curvy Elle, an Etsy shop that sells vintage plus size clothing.
-On the pressure for professional black women to dress “the right way,” that is, the way that de-emphasizes their femaleness and blackness.
-This winter wedding shoot features an amazing hat made out of roses.
-Check out the new issue of Skorch! As always, it’s full of fabulousity.

I love this fat Russian ballet company.
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Halloween Fun

Honestly, I was kind of lazy this year. I’ve had more creative costumes, like the time I was a Freudian slip.

I put together a cupcake-loving unicorn costume using my pink Domino Dollhouse petticoat, We Love Fine Pinkie Pie cupcake t-shirt, a cupcake sweater that a friend gave me as a birthday present last year, and a unicorn horn headband from Sick for Cute. I was also wearing cupcake socks, but they looked weird over my leggings, so I ended up putting them underneath.

Steve’s costume was even easier, but more awesome: Captain Hammer!

We sat out on the front porch giving candy to kids, including an adorable baby pirate! I love seeing little kids all dressed up. 🙂

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A Day in Pictures: My 27th birthday party

Today is my birthday! Huzzah!

I had a party on Saturday, which consisted of 1.) hanging out at my place (originally supposed to be a beach party, but it was rainy and cold), 2.) dinner at one of my favorite restaurants, and 3.) hanging out at my place again, dressed as characters from Firefly. There was Cards Against Humanity, a Dr. Horrible singalong, and much general merriment. The hanging-outage continued into the next day with an informal brunch, dinner, and Spaceballs-watching.

In summary: my friends are wonderful, creative, and geeky. I am lucky to have such awesome people in my life.

Yup, that’s a Hello Kitty tiara. $1 at Claire’s!

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