OOTD: Stretchy belts FTW

I’ve always liked the look of belts worn with dresses, but when I tried it with regular belts (i.e., the kind I use to keep my pants up), it always felt constricting and uncomfortable.

And then I discovered Re/Dress‘ stretchy belts. I got one in pink, and it’s amazing: comfortable and fabulous at the same time. I’ll be creating a lot of new looks with it!


Dress: Pop Up Plus NY, belt: Re/Dress Online, leggings: American Apparel, cardigan: thrifted, shoes: Naot, bangles: Deb, pearls: So Good, earrings: Faces, fascinator: Michael’s, sunglasses: Sweet and Lovely


These sunglasses make me feel so glamourous. 🙂 My last pair was black with rhinestones, from CVS, and broke within a month. These are much prettier, and I’m hoping they’ll last much longer as well.

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Rainbows and unicorns and puppies, oh my!

I’m sick (booo), so I’m just sitting around trying to entertain myself with the internet.

Which has led to looking at lots pictures of Lisa Frank school supplies from the ’90s.

And covering my phone in Lisa Frank stickers.

I may not have a newfangled smartphone like all the kids these days (who can get phone cases on Etsy), but I can still decorate my electronics. Continue reading