This is amazeballs!

Kath of Fat Heffalump has come up with an awesome idea: a blog for and by women, with better, more interesting writing than the traditional ladymags.

The rules for UnReal Women’s content are: “no stigmatising language, no shaming anyone, no weight loss promotion, no Hugo Schwyzer.” Heh.

XOJane, which infamously published His Mansplaining Douchiness HS, does have some great writing. Personally, I haven’t stopped reading it because maybe 25% of the posts are inflammatory linkbait. At least half of the writing there is really, really good–especially the regular posts by Marianne, Lesley, Somer, Kate, s.e., and Emily. In fact, it’s so good that I usually link to at least one XO post in my Friday links roundups.

But I still love the idea of a women’s online space that’s 100% awesome, instead of maybe 75% or 50%. And grassroots projects like this make me happy. This is how social change happens.

And I can’t wait to be a part of it. I just submitted a few posts, and encourage you all to submit as well! Cross-posts are accepted, so you can send along posts from your own blog.