Wednesday fa(t)shion inspirations, 2/6/13

This purple coat is lovely–bright colors make winter so much more fun.

I’m a total sucker for metallics. Especially when combined with lace and spikes!

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Thursday fa(t)shion inspirations, 1/17/13

Sorry for the lateness (again)–I just got home from New York City last night! It was a fun trip, and I’ll post about it soon.

In the meantime, enjoy these lovely looks from around the internet.

I love love love these Domino Dollhouse striped leggings. Unfortunately, they’re no longer available, but I’m going to get vertical stripes on my legs someday, one way or another. They’re so wonderfully circus-y. I saw two women wearing similar leggings in NYC, and was quite jealous.

Another great black and white outfit. I love finding fashionable men on the internet!

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Wednesday fa(t)shion inspirations, 1/2/13

Skulls! Pleather! Fuzzy jacket! Yeah, I love everything about this outfit.

I came across this post from when Domino Dollhouse was just starting up. This floral dress is absolutely gorgeous, and I wish it were still available! (Also, dresses starting at $18?! I’m sad I missed that. Right now I’m drooling over the $70 star-print skater dress…and the $90 galaxy-print dress.)

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I read frumpy catalogs so you don’t have to

The other day I got a Roaman’s catalog in the snail mail. Flipping through it, I found that there were actually some cute items mixed in with the sea of blah.

Here are a few of my favorites.

Ruffles + metallic = awesome:

This one could easily go Lolita, fairy kei, or even Victorian.

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OOTD: Friendship is magic

It’s no secret that I love My Little Pony. And I also love Art Nouveau, so I’m a big fan of combining them.

Shirt: We Love Fine, jeans: Old Navy, purse: not sure, leopard hoodie and mauve jacket: Marshall’s, glitter bow: Crown and Glory, earrings and rainbow bangle: So Good, black and silver bangles: Deb and Torrid, necklace: pendant from Michael’s on a chain

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Pop Up Plus NY in Boston

I hope all my fellow Northeasterners are staying safe from Hurrican Sandy! My office is closed, so I’m hanging out at home (with a good supply of pizza, mint M&M brownies, and coffee).

Yesterday, I went to Pop Up Plus NY’s Boston event, which was a lot of fun. I couldn’t make it on Saturday, when they had a cocktail party, but I still enjoyed playing dress-up and meeting some fabulous fatshionistas.

With Tiana and Camy, who were running the event.

So many sequins!

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