Indie spotlight: Crown & Glory’s Glitterati

Still no Fatshion February outfits, as I am still sick (booo). Steve had a cold that involved a terrible weeklong sore throat, and just as he started getting better, I caught it. So I’ve got a painful sore throat, and Boston is still getting hammered by record-breaking amounts of snow that far exceed our infrastructure’s ability to deal. It’s been a long couple of weeks, to say the least.

On a happier note, here are some pictures of my latest Glitterati box! The Glitterati is a monthly subscription box run by Sophie of Crown and Glory. Each box costs £20 (~$30), and contains over £50 (~$76) worth of items. It’s a great way to feed my hair accessory addiction while also supporting an independent craft-maker–like a CSA for sparkly things.

cardboard box with silver glitter tape

This month’s box is Valentine’s Day-themed–so everything is red and pink and covered in hearts, huzzah!

box of valentine's day themed hair accessories

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