Thursday Fa(t)shion inspirations 1/10/13

Sorry it’s a day late, but I’ve got lots of great looks for you!

Like this one. How much more awesome can you get than purple + peacock?

This is my real-life friend Michi, who has amazing style. She can put together an outfit like no one else I know.

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Holiday wishlist meme

Kath at Fat Heffalump did a blog meme: what would you like Santa to bring you for Christmas?

Since I celebrate Hanukkah–which is almost over!–I’ve already done most of my gift-giving and receiving. But I still thought this would be a fun meme, because I’m always up for admiring pretty things.

So, here’s my list:

1.) Domino Dollhouse red star skater dress (not for sale yet, but you can see it on their Facebook page here).

I’m totally copying Kath on this, because this dress is just awesome. ย It looks so soft and comfortable, and I love the color and star print.

2.) Skull scarf!

This would add an edge to any outfit, and it looks light enough to wear all year round.

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OOTD: Stretchy belts FTW

I’ve always liked the look of belts worn with dresses, but when I tried it with regular belts (i.e., the kind I use to keep my pants up), it always felt constricting and uncomfortable.

And then I discovered Re/Dress‘ stretchy belts. I got one in pink, and it’s amazing: comfortable and fabulous at the same time. I’ll be creating a lot of new looks with it!

Dress: Pop Up Plus NY, belt: Re/Dress Online, leggings: American Apparel, cardigan: thrifted, shoes: Naot, bangles: Deb, pearls: So Good, earrings: Faces, fascinator: Michael’s, sunglasses: Sweet and Lovely

These sunglasses make me feel so glamourous. ๐Ÿ™‚ My last pair was black with rhinestones, from CVS, and broke within a month. These are much prettier, and I’m hoping they’ll last much longer as well.

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OOTD: Holiday glamour

The Sunday of Thanksgiving weekend, one of my friends invited me over for a holiday feast. Although I knew most of the guests would be dressed casually, it was a perfect excuse for me to get glammed up.

Happily, I was not the only one dressed up for the occasion–my friend’s sister was wearing a gorgeous gothic-inspired Betsey Johnson top, and her husband was wearing a fez! They both have fabulous, steampunk- and vintage- inspired style, and always know I can count on them to show up dressed with panache. They were likewise unsurprised to see that I was dressed up. ๐Ÿ™‚

Dress: Macy’s, fishnets and shawl and boa: not sure, shoes: Naot, fascinator and earrings and short rhinestone necklace: So Good, long rhinestone necklace: Buffalo Exchange, medium rhinestone necklace: Target, pearls and rose bangle: H&M, crystals: my great-grandmother’s, silver/black bangles: Torrid and Deb, rhinestone bracelet: Forever 21, heart rhinestone ring: the Toy Chest, rose ring: Claire’sย 

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Holiday dress round-up

‘Tis the season to wear shiny, pretty, sparkly dresses.

I always enjoy pretty dresses, so I love how they proliferate around the holidays. Many of them aren’t cheap, but they’re still fun eye candy.

Here are a few of my favorites:

This dress from New Look’s Inspire Collection is amazing. In theory, a black dress with gold swirls and puffy sleeves would be….very ’80s. But in practice, it’s gorgeous.

Also from New Look is this lovely, romantic-glam pale pink dress. What I especially like about it is that the sequins are nowhere near the wearer’s skin, so it has no potential to itch! And it would look so good with a pale pink flower crown.

Igigi’s Lakshmi gown = the dress of my dreams. They used to make a version with a pale pink skirt that I liked even better, but this one is still incredibly fabulous.

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Pop Up Plus NY in Boston

I hope all my fellow Northeasterners are staying safe from Hurrican Sandy! My office is closed, so I’m hanging out at home (with a good supply of pizza, mint M&M brownies, and coffee).

Yesterday, I went to Pop Up Plus NY’s Boston event, which was a lot of fun. I couldn’t make it on Saturday, when they had a cocktail party, but I still enjoyed playing dress-up and meeting some fabulous fatshionistas.

With Tiana and Camy, who were running the event.

So many sequins!

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On life and dreams: a ramble

I aspire to be glamorous like Kat Williams and La Carmina: to wear vintage dresses and get paid to travel the world. To make magazines. To go on adventures with kindred fa(t)shion spirits in party dresses, petticoats, and pink hair.

I aspire to inspire other fat girls and women like Tess Munster. To create badass images of fat beauty. To show them they, too, can be beautiful.

I aspire to walk in the woods, full of wonder, like Mary Oliver. To live by the ocean, to wander the tidal flats, to dive deep into the blue mystery that is life.

I aspire to tell my truths, like Cheryl Strayed. To crack hearts open in the best way. To write with both brutality and kindness.

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