Big Thrifty OOTD #7: the red dress again

It can go vaguely-flapperish-ly glam, but did you know it can also go full-out, GFLA-esque late ’90s/early ’00s?

Dress: The Big Thrifty, boots: Target, purse: thrifted, bandana: acquired at some point during high school, spike wristband: Hot Topic, studded wristband: PacSun, bangles: Deb, ball chain necklace: stolen from a windowshade back in the day, padlock necklace: taken off of a suitcase, heart-shaped mood necklace: Claire’s (this one is relatively new, but it’s a replacement for a similar one I had and loved in high school!), earrings: Claire’s, ring: from a seaside gift shop in like 1996

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OOTD: Pink, purple, and floral

This skirt is one of my favorites. It’s reversible, purple on the other side. I also have it in turquoise/navy (although I don’t really wear the navy side).

I got both skirts on sale at a dance festival a few years ago. They were originally floor-length, but then the pink/purple one had an unfortunate accident when I was getting off the T and someone stepped on it…so I decided to get both skirts hemmed to mid-calf length. It worked out really well–now I wear them so much more often.

Tank top: Girlfriends L.A. back in the day!, peasant shirt underneath: Old Navy, skirt: dance festival, leggings: American Apparel, sneakers: Sugar Shoes via eBay, purse: gift from my grandmother, purple wristband: Torrid, black wristband: Macy’s, purple rose ring: a flea market, silver rose ring: probably Claire’s, fascinator: Enz’s, necklace: a store in Jamaica Plain

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Flashback: Girlfriends L.A.

Back in middle school and high school, I loved catalogs. I spent hours pouring over Delia*s and Alloy, but sadly, none of their clothing came in my size.

Enter Girlfriends L.A., which made clothing up to a juniors 25/3XL. And even had plus-size models (and a more diverse group of models in general).

I bought a bunch of shirts, including the Tinkerbell shirt that you can see in this post, and wore the crap out of them.

Unfortunately, GFLA no longer exists. But I’m still thankful to them for making early ’00s funky fashion available to (at least some) fat girls.

Flipping through the catalogs today is an exercise in major fashion-stalgia. I’ve scanned a few pages so you can share that experience:

Getting this in the mail? Always exciting.

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