OOTD: Butterflies in my hair, flowers, and treehouse adventures

A few weeks ago, I went to visit family in Philadelphia. While we were there, we spent an afternoon at Longwood Gardens.

Most of the outdoor flowers hadn’t bloomed yet, but it was still lovely, and we saw lots of beautiful flowers and plants inside the Conservatory, which is like a giant greenhouse.

Making friends with a hanging plant in the Conservatory.

Even though it was still chilly, I had to go for a springy vibe with butterfly hairclips and general rainbowy-ness.

Top: We Love Fine, skirt: thrifted, necklace: pendant from Michael’s on a chain, socks: Domino Dollhouse, sneakers: Brooks, pink bangle: Deb, rainbow bangle: So Good, TARDIS earrings: gift from Steve, green butterfly clips: H&M, pink and purple butterfly clips: not sure, cardigan: Old Navy, silver purse: Sears, tote bag: Border’s

There were three very friendly kitties roaming the grounds! I spent a disproportionate amount of time petting them.

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OOTD: Peacock dress in a rooftop garden

How was everyone’s weekend (long weekend, if you’re in the US like me and didn’t have to work)?  I had a lovely time going to the Boston Harbor Islands yesterday.  The water was freezing cold, but I went swimming anyway, and had fun. Aside from the water temperature, the weather was perfect. And I always enjoy the chance to ride a ferry.

Also, I saw a picture on Facebook crediting unions with bringing us sick leave, child labor laws, weekends, and safer working conditions. But I read it is “Unicorns Built That.” I kind of want to live in a world where unicorns build weekends.

Now, onto the OOTD! Remember that fantastic peacock-print dress I posted about a while back? It finally went on sale, and now I have one to call my own. I’m proud as–well–a peacock of it. 😉

I took these pictures on my lunch break in a lovely rooftop garden near my current temp job.

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