Musical interlude: climate justice inspirations

Last night, I went to a climate justice benefit concert with Melodeego, School for Robots, and the Great Whiskey Rebellion.

The Great Whiskey Rebellion–who played a high-energy, incredibly danceable combination of traditional folk tunes, Klezmer, and rock–was by far the stand-out band. If you’re in the Boston or Worcester areas, I highly recommend checking them out!

One of my favorites moments of the evening was when Melodeego played the “Digging Us a Hole,” the powerful and haunting song that they wrote for an anti-tar-sands action in March:

We all sung along, our arms around each other.

Shea, a local climate activist, also performed this amazing rap that he had written for Bill McKibben’s Do the Math tour:

Before the concert, I did some poking around on the internet to find other climate-action-inspiring music. Here are a few of the best songs I found:

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