Friday Links, 6/14/13

Boswell, a very sweet kitty who owns a bookstore in Shelburne Falls, MA

-Marianne has a great roundup of plus size wedding dresses (many of which I suggested to her when she was looking for ideas on Twitter). Mmmm, so much tulle.
ModCloth founders on doubling down, sizing up with plus size launch.
-Plump Polish’s second nail polish collection, Fat Beach Day, has launched.
-Jenna Sauers asks a complex and important question: what’s the solution to the world’s sweatshop problem?

Fat Acceptance
-I feel pretty much the same way as Lesley about the Smile, Sizeist! Tumblr.
-The program for this year’s NOLOSE conference looks amazing. I so wish I could go.
-Fellow Bostonians, check out this fat bellydance class starting soon, and Living X-Large and In Charge, a day of fat-friendly yoga, self-defense, and bellydance classes.
How tattooing my fat body helped me fall in love with it.

-The Climate Justice Hub here in Somerville is officially open! Huzzah!
-A great cartoon about if climate change were a dude.
Women must be heard in the climate change debate.
In defense of the urban car. This is just another example of why I feel so strongly about focusing on structural, rather than individual, change.
The Obama climate move that nobody noticed.
-Vermont’s Climate Change Cabaret sounds amazing.

Everything Else
Nobody can “make” you feel anything–except when they can. YES YES THIS.
-Pretty much everything Captain Awkward writes is gold, and this recent post is no exception.
-Related to yesterday’s post, I love love love this essay: Exploding the limitations: what being a femme means to me.
It happened to me: I take opiates for chronic pain.

This parody of the Cheerios ad is awesome: