OOTD: Spring floral

I’m officially bringing back floral-leggings-as-pants.

They were a staple of my wardrobe in fourth through sixth grade. When I rediscovered them, I realized that some things never change. I still love florals and I still love soft, comfortable, stretchy clothing.

Leggings: Deb, top: thrifted, rose bangle: H&M, silver bangles: Torrid and Deb, shoes: Sugar Shoes via eBay (forever ago), earrings and necklace: So Good, fascinator: Which Goose

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CT mall adventures part 1: Deb

My experience with clothing stores in NYC may have been unfortunate, but I had a much better time at a mall in Connecticut, where we were visiting Steve’s parents on the way down. Steve and I are both from CT, but from different areas, so this was a mall I’d never been to before.

This mall contained not only Lane Bryant (which we don’t even have anymore in Boston), but Torrid and Deb!


When I walked into Deb, it was so exciting I almost wanted to cry. Here was a store full of trendy, colorful, fun–if cheaply-made–clothing, and I could actually try on half of it!

I loved the twirliness of this one. It would be perfect for contra prom!

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On thin privilege and online shopping

The perils of buying clothing and bras online: way too much stuff to return.

I’ve been reading through Already Pretty’s archive of link roundups, and there’s some really interesting stuff.

This is a response to one of the posts Sal linked to, although unfortunately I can’t find it.  It was an ode to buying clothing online, written by a straight sized woman.

I kind of hate when women who don’t wear plus sizes talk about how much they love shopping online, while we fats don’t have much other choice.

As someone who usually wears a size 18-22, I do have a few real-life options–which is more than many larger people have, especially if they don’t live in or near a major city. But there are very few stores near me that are exclusively plus size. The Boston area does have a few (Lane Bryant, Avenue, and Ashley Stewart), but none are particularly easy to get to from where I live. There’s also H&M+, which has awesome stuff, although a much smaller selection than H&M’s straight sizes.

But most of the stores where I sometimes find clothing–Target, Marshall’s, thrift stores, etc.–have only a few items in my size. And their plus size selection is usually a lot less interesting than their straight sizes. So most of the time it’s just not worth it.

I know that shopping online is sometimes necessary for specific items like tutus, petticoats, and My Little Pony t-shirts. And if I wore straight sizes, I’d totally buy online from Topshop and Modcloth.

Online shopping does have its place. But depending on it sucks for many reasons:

1.) You have to pay for shipping and wait for your package to arrive. Then, if it doesn’t fit, you have to return it and pay even more shipping. All the shipping charges, on top of the higher price of plus size clothing as it is, are like tax for being fat.

Sometimes, you can get free shipping for orders over a certain amount of money. And a few places, like ASOS Curve, offer free returns. But neither is very common.  And even if you can get free shipping for orders over $50 or $100, what if you really only want one item from that store?

2.) You don’t get to try things on before buying them.  Different brands’ sizing run differently, and rarely match up to their size charts. Two similar items by the same brand can fit completely differently. For example, this peplum lace top from Deb fits me perfectly, whereas their floral top is way too tight.

Sometimes, you have buy a lot of things before finding one that fits, which means more waiting and more shipping charges, plus the hassle of packing everything up and taking it to the post office. And some companies are really slow about processing returns, so it can be a month or more before you get your money back (I’m looking at you, eShakti).

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