And the worst parent of the year award goes to…

I was poking through the new books section in the library today when I noticed that Dara-Lynn Weiss, of the infamous Vogue article about putting her 7-year old daughter on a diet, now has a book about the same thing.

ARGHHH. So much argghh.

I feel so, so, so bad for that girl. I can’t even imagine how awful it must be to have your parent turn your weight into a public spectacle. To be forced onto diets from a young age, and then be made the subject of a book about how your body is so terrible and must be fixed. It’s so wrong, on so many levels.

I wish I could reach out to Weiss’ daughter and tell her that her body is perfect just the way it is. I wish I could tell her that her mom’s prejudice, not her body, is the problem.

I wish I could protect her.

I wish so, so badly that I could protect her.

From her mother, from other kids who undoubtedly bully her (how could you not get bullied, if your mom writes a book about how fat you are?), from the prying eyes of readers across the country.

All I have are wishes. Wishes and rage.