#UCSB shooting links roundup #YesAllWomen

There has been an incredible amount of thoughtful, important writing about the Isla Vista shooting. I apologize that this is a long and probably overwhelming links roundup, but there were so many pieces I just couldn’t leave out. Read them on your own time, or not at all if that’s what you need. I’ve included some pictures of Comfort Dogs to break up the terrible-ness.

Laurie Penny: Let’s call the Isla Vista killings what they were: misogynist extremism

Arthur Chu: Your princess is in another castle: misogyny, entitlement, and nerds

Jenn at Reappropriate: Masculinity vs. “Misogylinity”: what Asian Americans can learn from the #UCSB shooting

Kate Harding: It’s not all men. But it’s men.

Roxane Gay: In relief of silence and burden

Elizabeth Plank: #AllMenCan: 37 Men show us what real men’s activists look like

Sarah O at All the Things, All Mixed Up: Notallmen/Yesallwomen, secondary trauma and relearning everything for the sake of not killing each other

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Boston, you’re my home <3

golden retriever with big brown eyes staring into the camera

Today is the one-year anniversary of the Boston Marathon bombings. To be honest, I’ve had a lot of other stuff on my mind lately, so I haven’t been thinking about it that much, but I’ve read a few things that I want to pass along.

My friend Emily writes a wonderful tribute to Boston.

Laura at RevEverett asks, “Which Boston is #BostonStrong?” She points out that some lives are invisible, the violence against them expected and ignored–and that we need to remember them and see their humanity.

If you’re a dog-loving Bostonian like me, you’ll be happy to hear that the Comfort Dogs, who visited Boston after the bombings, will be coming back this weekend. They’re such sweet, loving animals.

golden retriever Comfort Dog puppy curled up in a ball

The little pup pictured above is Isaiah, who was only five months old at the time. He’s gotten so big since then, as you can see on his Facebook page (yes, I “like” all of the Comfort Dogs on Facebook–it means my newsfeed is filled with adorable doggie pictures!). These pictures are all Instagram-filter-y because my camera had just broken, and I really wanted to get pictures of the dogs, so I ended up buying a disposable camera. So old-school, I know!

golden retriever Comfort Dog being petted by people