OOTD: Unicorns and playing dress-up with puppies

I wore this to a clothing swap/picnic that I co-hosted with a friend this weekend. One of the best parts of the event: her boyfriend had to dog-sit for his mom’s dogs at the last minute, so he brought them along. I particularly bonded with the yellow lab, who reminded me so much of the lab I grew up with…and I had a bit too much fun dressing her up. That’s what dogs are for, right? 😉

unicorn skirt, purple tank, and punk vest outfit

Top: Lane Bryant via clothing swap, skirt:  two small skirts from the Buffalo Exchange sewn together by a friend, vest: Torrid via the Big Thrifty, fascinator: a vendor whose name I forget at a local craft fair, earrings (made out of plastic bath mats!): The Blue Cloud Gallery, necklace: Fancy Lady Industries, spiked bracelet: So Good, studded wristband: PacSun

Holly looked like a rockstar in my sunglasses. 🙂

yellow lab dog wearing pink heart-shaped sunglasses

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#FatshionFebruary, day 26: coolest of the cool kids

I admit, I felt pretty badass wearing this outfit (which I wore to hang out with friends and meet their adorable kitties).

Dress: Pop Up Plus NY, pleather jacket: Torrid via clothing swap, leggings: Cult of California via Zulily, belt: Re/Dress, necklace: Fancy Lady Industries, earrings: Faces, cat ears: Crown & Glory, boots: Target, shoe clips: Head Full of Feathers, bracelets: So Good, Deb, Torrid, and yard sale, rings: old

Isn’t Queen Cordelia just the cutest, most ridiculous creature ever?

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August wishlist: birthday edition

In honor of my birthday, which is coming up tomorrow–can you believe I’m going to be 28?!–I’ve put together a compilation of things I’d love to get if a magical fairy fatmother showed up waving her wand at my front door.

If I actually had a fairy fatmother, the first thing I’d ask for would be a stable, satisfying job with good pay and benefits–but pretty things are much more fun to fantasize about.

You can click each image to go to the Polyvore set, which has the details.

August wishlist 1

 Cats, dogs, roses, rainbows…some things really haven’t changed in the last twenty years.

August wishlist 2

 I SO want these Nirvana and Courtney Love dresses from Vera’s Eye Candy, which I found through Betties N Brimstone–who had a dress custom-made in her size. Nirvana and Hole were a big part of my adolescent years, and I’d love to be able to wear that history on my body.

Vera’s Eye Candy also carries various items in the same fabrics as Domino Dollhouse – for example, this galaxy top and dress, and this rainbow digital print dress.

August wishlist 3

Another thing I would love to have, but that Polyvore wouldn’t let me clip, is a custom illustration by Natalie Perkins. Here are a few of my favorites that she’s drawn so far (via FLI’s Facebook page)–aren’t they gorgeous?

OOTD: rainbowliciousness, with bonus adorable animals

It’s funny how much more I feel like myself when I’m all decked out in pink and rainbow.

To most people, this would be a costume; for me, it’s what makes me feel most at home in my skin.

Tank top, shorts, and cardigan: Lane Bryant, tutu: Sisters of the Moon, sandals: Clark’s, headband: a toy store in Western MA, necklace: Kelsea Echo, bangles: Deb and Torrid

While taking these outfit pictures, I was lucky to run into not one, but two of my adorable furry neighbors!

This is Yuki, the fluffiest dog ever:

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Friday Links, 6/14/13

Boswell, a very sweet kitty who owns a bookstore in Shelburne Falls, MA

-Marianne has a great roundup of plus size wedding dresses (many of which I suggested to her when she was looking for ideas on Twitter). Mmmm, so much tulle.
ModCloth founders on doubling down, sizing up with plus size launch.
-Plump Polish’s second nail polish collection, Fat Beach Day, has launched.
-Jenna Sauers asks a complex and important question: what’s the solution to the world’s sweatshop problem?

Fat Acceptance
-I feel pretty much the same way as Lesley about the Smile, Sizeist! Tumblr.
-The program for this year’s NOLOSE conference looks amazing. I so wish I could go.
-Fellow Bostonians, check out this fat bellydance class starting soon, and Living X-Large and In Charge, a day of fat-friendly yoga, self-defense, and bellydance classes.
How tattooing my fat body helped me fall in love with it.

-The Climate Justice Hub here in Somerville is officially open! Huzzah!
-A great cartoon about if climate change were a dude.
Women must be heard in the climate change debate.
In defense of the urban car. This is just another example of why I feel so strongly about focusing on structural, rather than individual, change.
The Obama climate move that nobody noticed.
-Vermont’s Climate Change Cabaret sounds amazing.

Everything Else
Nobody can “make” you feel anything–except when they can. YES YES THIS.
-Pretty much everything Captain Awkward writes is gold, and this recent post is no exception.
-Related to yesterday’s post, I love love love this essay: Exploding the limitations: what being a femme means to me.
It happened to me: I take opiates for chronic pain.

This parody of the Cheerios ad is awesome: