Thursdsay Fa(t)shion Inspirations 9/6/2012

Better late than never. 🙂

Red and black! Polka dots and roses! This outfit is all-around awesome.

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OOTD: Peacock dress in a rooftop garden

How was everyone’s weekend (long weekend, if you’re in the US like me and didn’t have to work)?  I had a lovely time going to the Boston Harbor Islands yesterday.  The water was freezing cold, but I went swimming anyway, and had fun. Aside from the water temperature, the weather was perfect. And I always enjoy the chance to ride a ferry.

Also, I saw a picture on Facebook crediting unions with bringing us sick leave, child labor laws, weekends, and safer working conditions. But I read it is “Unicorns Built That.” I kind of want to live in a world where unicorns build weekends.

Now, onto the OOTD! Remember that fantastic peacock-print dress I posted about a while back? It finally went on sale, and now I have one to call my own. I’m proud as–well–a peacock of it. 😉

I took these pictures on my lunch break in a lovely rooftop garden near my current temp job.

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Flashback: old-school Torrid

I recently came across a coupon I had printed out from when Torrid first opened:

Remember when Torrid was actually alternative?

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OOTD: Circus chic

Last week, I went to Temple, a burlesque/bellydance/circus-themed club night. I hadn’t gone in a while, because it’s late for a weeknight (10 pm – 2am!). But since I’m in between jobs, I jumped on the opportunity to go. I’m glad I did, even though it messed up my sleep schedule a bit.

Clubbing isn’t usually my thing, but I love Temple, which calls itself a “sanctuary for the unusual.” I fit in there, among the people with light-up hula hoops, the bellydancers, the accordion players on stilts. It’s a good excuse to dress up creatively, and an opportunity to hang out with friends–and run into former co-workers!–outside of our usual spaces. And I love the music, which they describe as “world electronica – ambient – down tempo.” It’s not what I would normally listen to, but I love dancing to it–it puts me into a near-meditative trance.

I love Boston’s circus scene, which Temple exemplifies. There’s a strong sense of community, and an equally strong sense of whimsy. It’s incredibly inspiring to see what the human body is capable of: the tiny controlled movements of a bellydancer’s stomach, the sheer insanity of a contortionist’s poses.

It’s also inspiring to see everyone’s outfits: striped tights, pleather corsets, tutus, lacy skirts, tiny hats, headdresses, pinstripes, pants with corset-style lacing, sparkly hipscarves. Temple embodies the tagline of this blog almost perfectly: “Alt-fa(t)shion. Freak-flag-flying. Glitter.”

I didn’t take any pictures at Temple, both because my camera isn’t good enough to get decent pictures in dark lighting, and because sometimes I just need to enjoy myself full-on without a camera between myself and the experience. But you can see pictures from Temple, and get an idea of how wonderful it is, on their Facebook page.

Now, onto the outfit! I made a “flower crown” by clipping various flowers into my hair, and I really like how it came out.

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