More fun with Lisa Frank

Liked the Lisa Frank pictures in my Friday Links post? Here are a few more!

My packrat tendencies come in handy when it comes to digging up nostalgic things that have suddenly come back in style. I hadn’t looked at any of this stuff in years, but I’m so glad I saved it all!

Club Lisa Frank. Oh man, remember that? I always wanted to join, but my parents didn’t want to pay for it.

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Tutu envy, part 3

Recently I saw both Sal of Already Pretty and Alison of Wardrobe Oxygen wearing lovely tutus.

I love Sal’s slightly goth take on the tutu. And check out the kitty pictures in her post!

Alison, mixing stripes and leopard like a boss.

Alison linked to the eBay posting where she found her tutu. Sal just wrote that she got hers on eBay, but considering how similar it looks, I’m guessing it might be from the same seller.

And that tutu? Absolute love.

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