Sandy update and links roundup

I hope you’re all safe and doing ok.

I’m lucky–my neighborhood wasn’t hit badly, and we didn’t even lose power for more than a minute. But other parts of Massachusetts were hit harder.

And New York/New Jersey? Oy vey.

I’ve been glued to Twitter–which is much more up-to-date than the news networks–and it’s horrifying. My heart goes out to everyone who’s been affected.

If you want to know how you can help, check out this list of places to donate or volunteer.

Also, here are a few Sandy-related links:

How oysters could have protected New York from the storm surge, if they hadn’t been over-harvested. This is fascinating. And it shows how human degradation of the environment is a major factor in the destructiveness of recent storms, even aside from the more obvious example of global warming.

– If you aren’t already boycotting American Apparel for their extreme misogyny, consider doing it because of their callousness in the face of tragedy. Yesterday, they sent out an email advertising a Sandy-related sale. No mention of donating a percentage of proceeds to charity–just taking advantage of a natural disaster to drive sales.

The post-Sandy situation is terrible in Haiti, where people are still recovering from the earthquake that happened three years ago.

Insta-Snopes: sorting the real Sandy photos from the fakes.

-Reflections on the scariness of NYC’s subways filling up with water.

-The nurses who carried ICU babies down nine flights of stairs during the evacuation of the NYU hospital are incredible heroes.

-A collection of images of Sandy’s aftermath.