Sunday Links, 4/26/15

pink cherry blossom tree on path along river

Climate and Sustainability
Loving earth is complicated, says this African-American pastor.
GoSol is crowdfunding a scalable and cost-effective solar solution.
Climate justice is intersectional feminism in action.
Peaceful Uprising’s solidarity work: the year in review.
There would be more regulation of coal mining if it didn’t just affect “hillbillies.”
Polluters Pay! Carbon majors funding loss and damage.
Happy bloody Earth Day: every year, more and more environmental activists are killed.
Swarthmore sit-in ends with fossil fuel divestment support.
The world is finally producing renewable energy at an industrial scale.
Is the carbon divestment movement reaching a tipping point?

-The new issue of Skorch is fabulous!
-Also fabulous: Chubby Cartwheels’ “Curves Reign” line.
18 times Janelle Monae took “Flawless” to new heights.
This is what plus size clothes actually look like on plus size women.
Help a young plus size woman find a size 5x prom dress.
Plus size: blogging vs. influencing.
An open letter to Lane Bryant.

box of balloon flowers in park

Fat Acceptance
That ridiculous “Outrunning Obesity” article.
-Theresa analyzes what’s so icky about that Peter Attia TED Talk.
Happily marrying while fat.
13 pieces of inspiring body-positive art.
Why we need #WeAreTheThey, and some reflections from The Agoraphobic Fashionista.

Jobs and the Economy
Poor people need high wages, not a lesson in morality.
How the rhetoric of “personal responsibility” warps personal relationships.
Evicted and abandoned: how the World Bank broke its promise to protect the poor.
A version of the SNAP challenge that would actually help people on SNAP.

boston back bay street with cherry and magnolia trees

Everything Else
The kickass socialist feminist revolution in Rojava, and how you can support them.
No one showed up to march for Rekia Boyd last night.
Every president has vowed to stop genocide, but not one has ever made it a priority to stop it. What will it take for us to demand that they do?
-SO MUCH YES to this. Everything Katherine Cross writes about online social justice spaces is brilliant and important. And she puts words to a lot of things I’ve been thinking about/ranting about on Facebook but haven’t been able to sum up succinctly or eloquently. Words for cutting: why we need to stop abusing “the tone argument.”
It’s fine if other people want to come off psychiatric dugs, but I am never, ever quitting my meds. Similarly, a great cartoon about how frustrating it is when people offer unsolicited opinions on your medications.
“Big Pharma” and privilege: or why I wish allies would stop using this phrase.
Outdoor preschools are coming to Seattle, rain or shine.
Get ready to flip out over this groundbreaking LSU gymnast.
A 7-year old girl’s comic book about her magical Afro puffs wins crowdfunding contest.
The sound of walking through Hot Topic in 2002.
A travel memoir explores motherhood and other amazing phenomena.
A fragile dance: queer brown futures (or lack thereof).
-Gorgeous photos of London and Paris in the spring.


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