Quick hit: #WeAreTheThey responds to Jamila’s fat-shaming comments

plus size outfit blue, white, and pink floral dress

.@Jamelia thinks I don’t deserve nice clothes because I wear a size 22. Yeah, nope. #WeAreTheThey

Plus size Twitter is on fire right now, and it’s awesome. Debz of The (Not So) Secret Dairy of a Wannabe Princess started a hashtag in response to comments that a British pop musician, Jamila, recently made on a talk show called Loose Women.

Jamila said that women who wear smaller than a size 6 (2/4 in US sizing) or larger than a 22 (18/20 US)  shouldn’t be able to buy clothing in regular stores, because “they” should be made to feel uncomfortable. So plus size folks are taking to social media to point out that “they” aren’t some faceless group, but real, living, breathing, and often quite fabulous people. It’s wonderful to see so many members of the plus size/fatshion/fat acceptance/etc. communities affirming our humanity and supporting each other.

Check out the hashtag, and contribute if you want! The picture and caption above are from one my tweets. (The dress is from SimplyBe, and I’ll be posting a full outfit post soon.)

5 thoughts on “Quick hit: #WeAreTheThey responds to Jamila’s fat-shaming comments

  1. I’m currently grappling with the longest ever blog post about the Jamelia thing and subsequent fall out in the Daily Telegraph. I’m effing exhausted!

    I looooove that frock! I’ve never seen that in Simply Be. Is it current or an old style? It fits brilliantly!

  2. Oh, Fiona’s a Jenny-come-lately. I’m taking down Dr Sarah Burnett from the Telegraph! And I’m reckoning that since the dress works well on you it’ll probably fit me too as we’re a similar shape.

  3. I think Debz started something wonderful with this hashtag campaign. It’s the perfect response to Jamelia’s comments, and it’s especially powerful because it’s brought plus size women together to showcase their beauty, style, and confidence. I think this look is so you, and the dress is a real stunner. I find Simply Be’s online catalogs really tiresome to browse through, but I do love their paper catalogs. Somehow I’ve missed this dress. It’s beautiful! You look lovely and springy and wonderful. Looking forward to your review! Thanks for supporting Debz and the #WeAreTheThey campaign!

    ❤ Liz

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