Sunday Links, 4/19/15

A few tasty things I've eaten lately: tofu bibimbop.

A few tasty things I’ve eaten recently. This one is tofu bibimbop.

Quote of the day: Janelle Monae is not for male consumption.
-Celeb kids wearing awesome gender-bending outfits: Jaden Smith in a dress, and Mark Ruffalo and his daughter Bella in matching suits.
I went in search of non-boring plus size activewear and this is what I found.
The folk feminist struggle behind the chola fashion trend.
Lane Bryant #ImNoAngel campaign misses the (stretch) mark.
13 plus size neoprene fashions to rock this spring.
-My friend Femma has started Femme FatSew, a blog about sewing plus size clothes.
-Pepper recounts a challenge in which plus size bloggers wear outfits that match different fun, springy shades of nail polish.
-I so want to try to make this DIY flower-filled tulle skirt.

Fat Acceptance
Pregnancy, obesity, and the lies we tell.
Obesity, dementia, and some seriously shady reporting.
Help Rachel attend yoga teacher training so she can bring more body-positive yoga to the Boston area!
How to help a fat-shamed kid.
Ugliness is not a fat person’s worth fear, it’s being invisible.

Pizza with broccoli, lemon, goat cheese, garlic, mushrooms, and basil

Pizza with broccoli, lemon, goat cheese, garlic, mushrooms, and basil

Climate and Sustainability
Germany is proving renewable energy naysayers wrong.
A climate hero languishes in prison. Let’s fight to get him out.
2015 could be the start of a green energy revolution.
BP dropped green energy projects worth billions to focus on fossil fuels. So much for “Beyond Petroleum.”
Dear Gates Foundation and Wellcome Trust, here’s 180,000 reasons to lead on climate change.

Jobs and the Economy
How I learned to stop worrying about my love of money.
Wednesday’s #FightFor15 protests were big–and the movement is only growing.
Five reasons the fight for $15 matters for LGBT people.
Glass ceiling? Some of us are still trying to earn a living wage.
How I learned to ask for handouts (no matter how weird it feels).
Screw leaning in: it’s time to slam the door in Silicon Valley’s face.
Education alone won’t put an end to Equal Pay Days.
We can’t address poverty until we listen to people who are living it.
Tell Congress: stop the Trans-Pacific Partnership.
We need jobs to support people, not profits.
One company’s new minimum wage: $70,000 per year. I wish more companies would do this–or rather, that our economy was structured to provide everyone with a living wage or better, rather than leaving it up to the whims of individual CEOs.

Macaroni and cheese with sausage

Macaroni and cheese with sausage

Everything Else
16 things people in chronic pain want you to know.
Hillary Clinton: good for white feminism, bad for racial justice.
-Aurora Levins Morales writes about why she loves BDS (Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions).
The framing of Dove’s “Choose Beautiful” campaign is a farce. Also, the “beautiful” vs. “average” dichotomy bothers me: because if all women are beautiful, as I’m sure Dove would say they believe, then beautiful is average. Beauty isn’t a quality that’s in short supply, at least if you understand to mean something greater than surface-level aesthetics. (And even then, aesthetics are incredibly subjective and personal–there’s someone out there who finds pretty much any kind of body aesthetically pleasing.) Personally, I see it as something more like the spark that makes each person special–which can be expressed through how one decorates and carries one’s body, but also in many other ways. It’s limited neither to one gender, nor to people who fit a particular aesthetic ideal, conventional or otherwise.
-So much yes to this critique of today’s social justice culture: why checking your privilege isn’t enough.
Katherine Cross and Katie McDonough both write with nuance about call-out culture within online activism and the power dynamics involved in conversations about it. As someone who has issues with a lot of online social justice culture, but also with much of the criticism of it, I agree 1,000%.
-These rose-shaped apple pastries look both easy and delicious.
-Gorgeous wall sculptures made from reclaimed wood.

Mushroom and caramelized onion pizza

Pizza with mushrooms, caramelized onions, and white truffle oil


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