Sunday links, 4/12/15

planter full of flowers - lilacs, tulips, and daffodils

Climate and Sustainability
-An important new number: using all the fossil fuels currently available could warm the planet by 16.2 degrees F (8.8 degrees C)–which is far, far beyond humanity’s ability to adapt.
Everybody needs a Climate Thing. I’m still trying to find mine…
3 reasons to be optimistic about the fight to save the climate.
Finally, a climate change message that just might work: public health.
-Kate Schapira set up a Lucy-from-Peanuts-esque counseling booth in a public plaza to listen to people’s climate anxieties.
May Boeve: the new face of the climate change movement.
Life above the Alberta tar sands–why we’re taking the government to court.
Top academics in anti-poverty research ask the world’s universities to divest from fossil fuels.
Harvard feels the heat on fossil fuel divestment.
With sit-ins around the country, students escalate “Divestment Spring.”
7 things to know about California’s drought.
Obama is about to announce a big job creation move for the solar industry.
8 things you need to know about Hillary Clinton and climate change.

20 plus size floral dresses that scream spring.
How to make Kentucky Derby hats with 5 tutorials that ensure you’ll have the biggest, baddest floral topper at your derby party.
-HELL YES to floral hats as the new flower crowns.
-Amazing pictures from the Easter Parade and Bonnet Festival in New York. I would love to go someday!
-“5 years ago today, I came out of the closet. Today, these are the clothes that came out of my closet.”
Questing for garments that work with–instead of against–your body is a worthwhile project.
-I love this lookbook of plus size goth outfits.

small island with trees in middle of icy lake with blue sky

Fat Acceptance
-If you’ve had a negative experience with workplace wellness programs and eating disorders, submit your story here to help strengthen employee protections that are currently in jeopardy.
Fat jokes, take two: the Noah Trevor edition.
Lindy West’s hot tips for parents with fat kids: feed them fun, kindness, and dignity. (Also, how ridiculous is a system that considers kids “overweight” if they’re above the 85th percentile, and “obese” if they’re above the 95th?! That way, there will always be 15% of kids who are overweight and 5% who are obese by definition, regardless of how much they actually weigh.)
-Bitch Flicks has put out a call for writers on fatphobia and fat positivity.

Jobs and the Economy
John Oliver, Edward Snowden, and unconditional basic income.
Robert Reich: the rich have bought the silence of American non-profits and colleges.
California drought tests history of endless growth. (You think?)
Pitfalls of Buy Black/black capitalism.
Bootstrap Industries is a multimedia platform and mentoring program for working-class people who want to help fix the problems they see in the economy.

inlet of icy lake surrounded by pine trees and snow on ground

Everything Else
A guide for millenials with grieving friends.
Spring has sprung and it’s suicide weather.
The questions of #BlackLivesMatter.
American police killed more people in March than the entire UK police have since 1900.
America is criminalizing black teachers: Atlanta’s cheating scandal and the racist underbelly of education reform.
They were our sisters: feminists should not abandon Mya Hall or Miriam Carey.
Map: European colonialism conquered every country in the world but these five.
NYC nonprofit rescues food from restaurants and gives it to the homeless.
What Dove’s viral beauty campaign is really selling.


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