Sunday Links, 3/8/15

blue butterflies in a box

Butterflies at the Museum of Natural History

Ready to Stare releases their new “Let Them Eat Cheesecake” collection.
11 awesome brands for plus size workout clothes.
-Fat Babes of LA is hosting their first annual clothing swap.
-Two upcoming events in the South: Love Letters Benefit Fashion Show in Huntsville, AL, and The Fashion Playhouse in Atlanta.
Feeling myself: Katie’s new bod.
I know the rules–I just don’t care.
-I love the spring florals in Tess Holliday’s first shoot with Torrid.
Gudrun Sjoden’s 40 years in fashion.
-Through poking around on Gudrun Sjoden’s site, I found another wonderful Swedish designer, Gunilla Ponten. Her online shop only sells children’s clothing, and doesn’t have an English-language version anyway, but I love looking through the pictures of her creations.
Mixing prints for beginners.
Dress shapes for bodies in flux.
An interview with Magaela, who makes gorgeous flower crowns.
The first day: I was joining the ranks of fearless women before me, and lip gloss was my way in.

Fat Acceptance
New horrifying medical device for weight loss: the Full Sense device.
Why I won’t get WLS.
-If you can, help fat activist Juicy D. Light, who is in the hospital and unable to work–and signal-boost!
The one with all the fat jokes, or how Fat Monica on “Friends” stuck with me all these years.
-Abundia 2015 has put out a call for speakers.
We remember Kayla Moore: a black trans woman who was killed by police, who then tried to blame her death on her size.
Tough love for born-again thin people.

hello kitty black and pink punk stuffed animals

Hello Kitty plushes at the FAO Schwartz store

Climate and Sustainability
Why climate change is a human rights violation.
So you use oil? No, that doesn’t make you a hypocrite.
Climate change: why The Guardian is putting the threat to Earth front and center. The first piece in their series is a great excerpt from Naomi Klein’s new book, This Changes Everything.
The unusual occupation at Utah’s Book Cliffs.
As the river runs dry: the Southwest’s water crisis. Meanwhile, here in New England, the sea level has jumped 5 inches.
-Help fund Determined to Thrive, a project that seeks to study examples of rural resilience throughout the US.
Oslo divests from coal–the first capital city to do so.

Jobs and the Economy
Four writers talk feminism, race, capitalism, and the appeal of some good, sexy class analysis.
Can Etsy blow up and keep its soul?
Craiglist saved 5M tons of stuff from landfills–and 4 other new stats on local economies.

Everything Else
20+ delicious discoveries in Asheville, North Carolina.
If we don’t believe in our students, what’s the point?
-I wish I could go to this all-female festival of graffiti and street art in London!
How boycotts hurt the cities they are supposed to help.
On Netanyahu’s speech and gendering Israel’s occupation of Palestine.
The limits of talking about privilege to teenagers.
“Does your oppression look good on me?” It’s time to stop playing dress-up in other people’s cultures.

2 thoughts on “Sunday Links, 3/8/15

  1. On the whole plus-size workout wear… have any of my UK peeps tried anything from State of Mind Active?

    I really like the look of some of their workout clothes – mostly the bottoms and their wraps and camis – but they’re rather expensive so I’m nervous about buying without hearing some feedback.

    (Also rather disappointed that they’ve “improved” all of their tops by removing the bra shelves – as a JJ-HH cup person who is more comfortable doing yoga and weights without a bra on (I NEED a bra for cardio for my own comfort!), I’m having a real pig of a time trying to find tops in my size with simple, comfortable, unpadded bra shelves (not internal bras – they never fit me right and the whole point is to avoid a bra in the first place)). So if anyone knows a UK plus size sportswear brand that does tops with bra shelves, please let me know!

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