Fatshion February, day 26: the blue period, and pink hair!

First off, some exciting news: the tips of my hair are now pink again! I think of brown + pink hair as my natural state, so it’s weird to me that I’ve been without it for as long as I’ve been blogging, and as long as I’ve known Steve too. Now that I’ve finally had a stable job for a while, and as far as I know there’s no rule against having a small section of colorful hair (which is mostly hidden anyway, since I usually wear my hair up at work), I decided to go back to my beloved pink. I’m also excited about having pink tips for our wedding–they’ll go perfectly with the white and pink ombre dress I have in mind.

Behold the true me:

selfie of me with curly brown hair with pink tips

And now, here’s the outfit I wore yesterday (before I re-dyed the tips to get the brighter color you see above). I had my hair in a bun all day at work, and I don’t think anyone even noticed.

plus size outfit blue lace dress with blue cardigan

Dress: SWAK, teggings: Re/Dress, cardigan: Pink Poodle – thrifted, hair bow: Crown & Glory, earrings: Target, necklace: So Good, shoes: Mt. Emey via Shoebuy

plus size outfit blue lace dress with beige layer

I wish the teggings were longer–I think their just-above-ankle length looks weird with the length of this dress. But they’re nearly the exact same color, so I like to wear them together anyway.

plus size outfit blue lace dress with blue shrug

This shrug is one of the many great basics I picked up on my venture to Savers. They had a lot of good plus size clothing, so I’m hoping to go there often.

plus size outfit electric blue lace dress

No outfit is complete without a glitter bow, of course. 😉

blue ombre tiered earring

blue glitter bow


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