Sunday Links, 2/22/15

laduree macarons and pastel box

The new issue of Skorch is fabulous, as always.
H&M has been hoodwinked by its own sustainability mandate.
-Love it: Rag & Bone NYFW brings us way back to the early ’00s with this runway trend.
-I’m so excited to hear that JNCO jeans are coming back, but I really wish they’d make plus sizes.
-Margot rounds up a bunch of awesome edgy accessories, including the purple shimmery boots that I have and should wear more often. (They make the bottoms of my feet hurt, but I’m planning to put in new insoles and see if that helps.)
Hard Candy will reissue a bunch of its popular shades from the ’90s.

Fat Acceptance
-This fat liberation manifesto from the ’70s is still completely relevant today.
Failed at dieting? Welcome to the Almost Everyone Club!
-The PDX Fat List is a directory of fat-friendly businesses in the Portland, OR metro area.
-Shannon interviews a group of people about their experiences with HAES and the negative impact of SDH (social determinants of health), and how the HAES community can better address SDH. He also writes a conclusion post about his views on the complicated relationship between HAES and SDH.
Health and the usual disclaimers.
Fining the parents of fat kids is a terrible, terrible idea ARGHHHHH.

Climate and Sustainability
-14-year old activist Xiuhtezcatl Martinez gives 8 reasons to be optimistic about the climate movement in 2015.
“More research” into geoengineering is not such a hot idea.
Understanding Obama’s suckiness on climate.
If you think that California is dry now, wait until the 2050s. I so wish we could send them some of our excessive snow…
Big Oil’s explosive week: two disasters reveal the dangers of America’s energy boom.

pastel laduree candles

Jobs and the Economy
Why do Americans feel entitled to tell the poor what to eat?
No, you absolutely do not have to love your job.
Feel trapped in your job? That’s because you are.

Snow. So freaking much snow.
-An easy way to help Boston’s homeless, who have been hit especially hard by the snow: you can buy supplies for them on Amazon through the #BostonWarm initiative.
This Tumblr that superimposes Beckett quotes over Boston winter pictures is everything.
Dear winter: a report from snow-buried wine-drunk cookie-eating Boston, capital of New Hoth.
-This about sums it up: Boston’s winter from hell.
-A lesser-known reason behind the T’s recent failures: getting screwed by Wall Street.
-This is so wrong: Boston uses prison labor to shovel snow in frigid temperatures for pennies.
What the massive snowfall in Boston tells us about global warming.
-How a group of local shovelers–including one of my friends!–dug a 40-foot snow tunnel on a Medford bike path.

Everything Else
Should you transition? 3 tips for gender questioners.
-I can’t embed it here, but this video of tiny golden retriever puppies learning how to swim is literally the cutest thing ever.
-This is great: Fifty Shades of Socialist Feminism.
What can be done to stop the brutal targeting of trans women?

This just about sums up my feelings about the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue:

Cookie Monster’s deep insights about food are the best.

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