Fatshion February, day 16: our final day in New York

On Monday, I didn’t even bother putting together a real outfit because I was sick of the cold, and of having to constantly bundle and unbundle. So I wore a Torrid top, Yours pants (with leggings underneath again), and my C&G heart headband, but no other jewelry or makeup.

Steve and I went to the Museum of Natural History–which, as Steve pointed out, is like a zoo but with dead animals.

me going "rawr" with dinosaur bones in museum of natural history

We did get to see a few live animals at the butterfly conservatory:

butterfly in butterfly conservatory

seashell display in museum of natural history

Afterwards, we had a quintessential New York pizza. It was so good.

pizza with basil and ricotta

We also did more walking in Central Park despite the cold, as I needed some nature time after the crowds in the museum. I love Central Park so much–it has both the beauty and calming effect that I love about nature, and the people-watching, art, and random interesting things that I love about cities.

selfie of me and steve in central park

I enjoyed spotting birds, including this cardinal, which really stood out against the snow.

cardinal in central park

I also befriended the most adorable golden retriever, Murphy. He was sitting on a bench and posing for pictures when we walked by–look at that face!

me with golden retriever on park bench

Monday night we took the train back to Boston. It’s good to be home despite the ridiculous amount of snow, which is still making both socializing and everyday errands hard.

I’m still processing everything–major life change, whoa! So if you notice me blogging less, and/or about less substantive things (i.e. lots of outfit pictures but not much else), that’s why. I’m excited and a bit overwhelmed and so happy that I am going to be spending my life with this amazing person. ❤


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