Fatshion February, day 15: Pink love, and more New York adventures

On Sunday, I wore another item from my recent Glitterati box: the silver holographic hairclips. I also couldn’t resist wearing the shirt I always wear around V-Day. We took these pictures in Macaron Parlour, which is still my favorite macaron place in New York. It’s also a nice, quiet place to sit down, drink tea, and stretch out away from the bustle of the city. As much as I love New York, I get really overwhelmed by it at times, so I always make sure to find quiet spots.

me sitting at table in macaron parlour

Top: Old Navy, pants (not pictured because they’re boring): Yours Clothing, necklace: Forever 21, earrings: a store in Western Mass that has since closed, hairclips: Crown & Glory

It was so cold that I had to wear leggings under my pants. Unfortunately, the horse-drawn carriage ride we had planned to take around Central Park was also canceled due to the cold. But at least New York wasn’t buried under snow. It was such a relief to be somewhere that had only a few inches of snow piled on the edges of the sidewalks rather than snowbanks taller than I am.

close-up of silver holographic hairclip

Macarons are the best–they’re delicious and I always feel like French royalty when I eat them. My favorite flavor that I tried was caramel apple, which was amazing.

macaron parlour counter

The entire weekend was full of macarons, as we also went to a Laduree store on Saturday. The line was long, but that gave me a good opportunity to admire the gorgeous pastel aesthetic of the store and take tons of pictures. Here are a few; there will be more in upcoming Sunday Links posts!

laduree macaron display

laduree store display tea canisters

small angel statue in laduree store display

macarons at laduree store

We also visited the Nintendo store, where Steve found a Bulbasaur plush to match his shirt:

steve holding a bulbasaur stuffed animal at nintendo store

And we came across these adorable Pikachus in love!

two pikachu plushes with heart

I did so much window-shopping, as the store windows were full of fabulous displays. This one was particularly fun:

window display of grass with googly eyes

And these were a few of my favorites:

dolce and gabbana window display with gold hearts and red dresses

anthropologie store window with watercolor paintings

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