Indie spotlight: Crown & Glory’s Glitterati

Still no Fatshion February outfits, as I am still sick (booo). Steve had a cold that involved a terrible weeklong sore throat, and just as he started getting better, I caught it. So I’ve got a painful sore throat, and Boston is still getting hammered by record-breaking amounts of snow that far exceed our infrastructure’s ability to deal. It’s been a long couple of weeks, to say the least.

On a happier note, here are some pictures of my latest Glitterati box! The Glitterati is a monthly subscription box run by Sophie of Crown and Glory. Each box costs £20 (~$30), and contains over £50 (~$76) worth of items. It’s a great way to feed my hair accessory addiction while also supporting an independent craft-maker–like a CSA for sparkly things.

cardboard box with silver glitter tape

This month’s box is Valentine’s Day-themed–so everything is red and pink and covered in hearts, huzzah!

box of valentine's day themed hair accessories

In addition to the boxes, Glitterati membership includes access to a special Facebook group. It’s become quite the community of glitter-lovers, where we share pictures of our boxes and ourselves wearing the items, and talk about all things pretty and sparkly. Sophie also posts hairstyle tutorials and sales before they go public.

The FB group also allows people to swap items; for example, if you get a red flower crown, but you don’t like red, you can swap it with someone else who got the same crown in blue. I haven’t participated in any swaps yet, as most of the group is in the UK and international shipping would be too expensive, but I have a few items that I’ve been meaning to put up for swaps with the other US members.

selfie wearing red and white heart headband

One great thing about the Glitterati is that I get to try items I might not have picked out on my own. For example, the above headband isn’t something I would have bought, but I love how it looks on me. There have been a few pieces that just aren’t my style, but so far I’ve been giving them away to friends, and will probably try swapping some in the future.

I love this sparkly three-heart headband, but I already have a similar one with only one heart, so I might swap it for a different color.

headband with three red glitter hearts

Another cool thing is that we get to try new items before they’re available for the public to buy. Last month’s box contained a few such items, including an amazing marabou headband and a scalloped glitter crown. I haven’t worn either yet, as last month’s box came late due to shipping delays, but I’m sure I’ll put together outfits with them soon.

If you love hair accessories and want to get pretty shiny things in your mailbox every month, I highly recommend the Glitterati!

box of sparkly and fuzzy hair accessories

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