Sunday links, 2/8/15

Blog note: I haven’t been doing Fatshion February posts for the past few days because I’ve been sick, booo. I’m hoping to be better, and back to daily outfit pictures, within the next day or two. 

puppy and kitty valentines hanging in store window

Cute Valentines I saw in a store window

-Rachelle is putting together a fatshion zine. Check it out and submit if you’re interested!
16 black fashion bloggers.
-Mary Lambert writes about how she learned to love shopping as a plus size woman, and shares her favorite stores.
-I hope Julianne is right that ginormous pants are coming back in style–I still love them.
Massculine Fatshion is a new site for masculine-of-center fat folks interested in style.
-Chastity shares her favorite plus size budget-friendly online shops.
Plus size wedding dresses for the bride on a budget.
Observe and reserve judgment on other people’s clothing choices.

Fat Acceptance
Missy Elliott taught me that it was ok for a fat woman to feel desire.
-(NSFW) The Adipositivity Project has a gorgeous Valentine Series which features fat people and their lovers.
Football, fat people, and media representation.
-Ali shares her strategies for combating fat-shaming on a day-to-day basis.
-Ragen also shares strategies for fat activism in her Say Something Sunday series of posts.
-The Fat Nutritionist talks about her relationship with food and exercise.

bowl of mac n' cheese with tomatoes and bacon

Mac n’ cheese: the ultimate winter comfort food.

Climate and Sustainability

Harvard is the climate crisis.
The EPA just gave President Obama cover to reject the Keystone XL pipeline.
Why geoengineering is “untested and untestable.”
-One of the main reasons I don’t support Hillary Clinton for President: she recently praised fracking and stayed silent on Keystone.
33 things to eat, drink, see, and do before climate change ruins everything. And a few more suggestions for a climate change bucket list.
Good news about US clean energy.
Buying this guy a car was nice. Buying a mass transit system would be way nicer.
The New School divests fossil fuel stock and refocuses on climate change.

Jobs and the Economy
Maternity leave policies hurt America’s working moms.
A blizzard of perspective: how Boston’s snowstorms affect the working poor.
The great promise of social co-operatives, which are different from worker or consumer coops.
Surviving or thriving: how economic (in)justice matters for LGBT people.
Ecological economics, and changing everything.
Crossing the river of fire: the liberal attack on Naomi Klein and This Changes Everything.

Everything Else
Feminist rock: 2015 is the new 1995.
7 reasons why solarpunk is the most important speculative fiction movement in the last 20 years.

Between being sick and dealing with Boston’s infrastructure falling apart under a ridiculous amount of snow, it’s been the kind of week where I just want to watch adorable animal videos. So here are some frolicking golden retriever puppies, and a sea-dog trying to befriend a land-dog.


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