Fatshion February, day 4: Black, red, and white

Dress + leggings + cardigan/shrug/blazer = pretty much my winter uniform. plus size outfit red and black dress with polka dot leggings Dress: Perceptions via either a clothing swap or the Big Thrifty, leggings: Re/Dress, shoes: L.L. Bean, shrug: SimplyBe, necklace: gift shop at Disney World, earrings: really old I don’t love this dress, but it’s a good basic work dress, so I end up wearing it a lot. It’s comfortable and versatile, just not exciting, and sometimes that’s ok. plus size outfit white fuzzy bolero, polka dot dress and leggings These are the most comfortable leggings ever. If I could magically turn all my leggings/teggings into this material, I would. plus size outfit red black and white dress plus size outfit red black white floral and polka dot dress After work, Steve and I met up with a friend for dinner, and on the way we stopped to visit my favorite local canine celebrities, Carly and Catie Copley. Carly was curled up sleepily with her teddy bear, and Catie moseyed over to the hotel’s gift shop because the woman who works there gives her treats. So much adorableness! two black labrador dogs in hotel lobby carly copley black lab in hotel lobby On the way home, I finally got a picture of our giant snowbank. We’ve had a completely ridiculous amount of snow lately, and it’s piling up everywhere. Some of the sidewalks are pretty much snow tunnels, and I’ve seen driveways completely full of waist-high snow. There’s just way too much snow and nowhere to put it…and more on the way. I do like snow–especially when it starts falling and makes everything quiet and peaceful–but right now there’s just too much, and it’s getting in the way of everything. I’m starting to get very, very ready for winter to be over. me standing next to a large snowbank

4 thoughts on “Fatshion February, day 4: Black, red, and white

  1. I really like the dress – the polka accents are really fun. Awww, dogs always make my day feel better. That snow bank is huge! *crosses fingers* thus far we haven’t had any snow in my town. Yet.

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